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Dumbbell Bench Press Technical Question

When performing the dumbbell bench press is the correct technique to bring the dumbbells together at the top, or to push them up as if you were holding a barbell?

If it is irrelevent then what are the benefits of each style? I perform this exercise to put more emphasis on the chest than triceps (because I’m triceps dominant).


Squeezing them together at the top can help you feel it more in your chest, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much either way, personal preference

At the top, the hands should be shoulder width apart. If you are using heavy bells, they might touch.
The force should be applied so that you forearms are perpendicular at all times. You can vary that a little bit to target one part more, but if you want a pure press, 90 degrees throughout.

Try the different ways, see which one you can do pain free/which one you like and stick to it for a while.

There is no “correct” form other than keeping your chest high and shoulders back/upper back and shoulders on the bench at all times, etcetc, the whole standard spiel used on all chest-focused pressing exercises…

Variation over time helps - as you go up in poundage you will find that due to the size of the DBs themselves in most gyms you end up stopping near about shoulder width anyways. Some guys supinate the DBs inwards at the top for more stimulation. I think Christian Thibodeau has stated in a previous article it is about squeezing to maintain a maximal contraction that is the key

As other posters have stated, personal preference rules as well as avoiding extremes that will destroy your joints.

I’d also cycle in dips, floor presses, cable work, etc. as well to work the chest from various angles with varying loads