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Dumbbell Bench for the Layer System?

Hey Christian. I’m recovering from a shoulder injury and I’m about to get back into lifting in a few weeks. I’ve decided to ditch the barbell bench and focus on the dumbbell bench instead. But how would you incorporate this lift into the layer system? I’m mainly training for size and aesthetics.
Could I ramp up to a 5rm, do 3 Intra-Set Load Contrast sets, then do slow eccentrics and growth factor release?

Also, do you find that the dumbbell bench hits the triceps just as effectively as the barbell?


Sure that would work, although the intra-set contrasts might be a pain in the ass, changing dumbbells and getting reset. It would be enough for ME not to do it, but if you can cope with it mentally, sure.

The DB press hits the triceps a little bit less but I doubt that it will be significant or noticeable

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What about tempo contrast training? Will this be best served as a strenght building layer or muscle building layer?

It’s not a strength training method, no

Tempo contrast is slowing eccentrics right? Isn’t that part of layers?

Nice podcast btw recently (eye opening about glutamic acid and the pussifcation of NA)

Btw where would you put layers (the original 6 day split & revised w/ preacher curl) system on neuro type scale? Only for 2a’s?

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