Dumbbell and Band Training for Fat Loss?


I’m new here—my name is Andrew. I’m a veteran, former NSCA-CPT, asthmatic, and am currently an OTR trucker.

I have tried loads of things and found failure because I lack determination as well as confidence in my own methods of training. I track my own food, only eat when hungry, drink obscene levels of water and still fail. It’s time to be humble and ask for help.

I need help with a split for a six-day lift week. I have a pair of adjustable 50-lb dumbbells, a 10-50lb set of detachable bands and my rig. My goal is fat loss and I need some muscle to accomplish this.

I just started century reps, the goal is 100 GOOD reps over a variety of sets. I’m quite open to suggestions with TUT, ROM, set-rep tweaks, recovery times, etc.

Literally, all I eat is tuna packets, microwave rice, quest, vegetables, nuts, copeous amounts of water, coffee, and bang.

My calories: at or below 1,900
Protein: at or below 190
Carbs: at or below 166
Fat: at or below 53

Thanks for any discussion, tips, suggestions, and guidance. I’m always eager to learn.

Andrew A.

What’s your current body weight?

What kind of trailer do you pull?

I’ve been doing high rep/low weight recently due to some heart problems and although it feels good and gets the blood flowing it really lacks intensity.

I’ll do sets of 25 one arm curls, overhead press, band pull apart, chest press (bands) , rows(also bands) , then sldl’s(again, bands) with no rest between sets until the circuit is complete- for 200 reps, except deads. I only hit them for 100.

Granted, I have to keep exertion levels within strict limits (120 bpm pulse rate) it is difficult to work within the metabolic range with significant intensity.

You might do better if you can use a more challenging weight.

Either of these good stuff…


I pull dry van.

Hi Andrew, I never really felt like weight lifting burned many calories. I wear a Garmin HR monitor all the time and it estimates calories burned based on heart rate. After 90 minutes in the gym lifting heavy it registers ~450 calories burned. IMO you need to do some kind of endurance exercise with a lot of time under tension. Some guys jog, me can’t stand doing that, but I really enjoy pedaling a bike. I went from 260 to 200 in about 6 months riding every evening 6 days a week for ~60 minutes. Riding 60 minutes I burn 650 to 1400 calories Naturally hills burn more than flats.

Do farmers carry daily. 20kgs in each hand. Walk as far as you can for 40 mins.

Well since we don’t have much info like age, height, weight, fitness level we don’t have much to go on here.

I agree with the walking and farmers carriers.

I would try a Wendler type split.
Mon Squat, walking lunges, steps up or jumps
Tues BP floor press, push ups, tri ext
Thursday DL, glute bridges lat pulls, DB rows
Friday OHP fr raise, lat raise, rear delt raise

Face pulls or band pull aparts everyday.

And grab you an ab roller

Make a log up in the training log section so we can chew your ass when you start fucking off!

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You can get a lot done with a pair of DBS and resistance bands for sure, I like pairing weight lifting with a little conditioning piece THEN doing my rest period
Eg. 10 rounds of
10-20 db bench/floor/overhead press
10 chins/rows/face pulls/pull aparts
10 burpees or a few sprints around the truck
1-2 min rest

Legs could be something like
5 rounds
Walking db lunges around the truck
1 min plank
Rest 1 min
100 total hip thrusts w dbs
100 goblet squats w 1 db

Fun workouts and they’ll get your HR up to boot

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