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Was at the gym tonight lifting massive weights. In came some 15 -16 yrs old kids. The four of them got in an argument on who could bench more. The smallest about 5’5" 140 lbs claims to put up 205. They said their is 215 on the bench do that. First I am thinking that is 225 not 215. This fuckin retard gets on the bench and lifts it off. Sets it up over his chest and drops it and completly crushes his chest. I swear it went flat. Two of his friends got it off. Before I could say anything this dude from across the gym loses it all over the these kids. I could not believe it I just shook my head and returned to massive weight. I hope I was not this much of a dumbass at their age.

I always laugh at the parents who let thier kids run out of control inside the gym.

....oh wait, you mean they're grown up enough to know better? Someone needs to make a distinction between a gym - a place where serious weightlifters move iron to improve their strength, endurance, and their bodies in general - and a kindergarten where a bunch of kids get together to see what happens when they do this and whos the best.

 It's one thing to be a beginner and learn the ropes. Its another to completely overlook the safety factor in the gym, and try to impress everybody around them by attempting what is a stupid feat for them which will embarrass them and paint them as nothing else but kids who need to mature.

 The best thing you can do is be a little rough with them. I DON'T condone an attitude that has you walking around like you're the best and threatening everybody that's smaller than you - I DO however believe that at you need to be agressive in how you treat a someone who needs to grow up. IN the end youll be doing that guy/gal a big favor, as well as everyone around him/her.

 If your kid refuses to wear a seatbelt are you going to be easygoing about it - or will you do the RESPONSIBLE thing as a parent, raise your voice and tell him firmly that it's either the seatbelt or the car keys.

 When someone acts childish they deserve to be treated as a child. Next time someone overlooks safety first at your gym, and starts showing off to everybody how much weight he can lift, or doing something otherwise stupid - please, approach him and let him know 'Nobody cares and you're making a jackass out of yourself. This is a gym not a kindertarten.' Watch just how fast they learn.

Hey if you don’t have parents Diesel can I adopt you? You sound like my dad, me ,and probably my 8 year old in 10 to 20 years.
If I see young guys acting up, I tell them in a very assertive way to knock it off. Worrying about safety is not being a bully. Warning a kid to stay off your property is being a bad guy. The young guys need to learn the ropes and the older fellows have to teach them.