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Dumbass Trainer at My High School


I was lifting at my high school today, my first time doing box squats there. I was going pretty light, warming up and eventually got into the heavy stuff.

My 3rd to last set the new "weight trainer" approached me and flat out said I was killing myself. I tried to explain to him this was a box squat and said he understood. And continued to say that I will be in a wheelchair bye the time I graduate. My form was perfect, and he agreed, but said that box squats are to dangerous to go heavy. He told me to do normal squats or get out of the building, what kind of bullshit is that?!?!?!?!


Chances are he has no authoritaw. I would talk to a football coach if at all possible. That guy obviously has no purpose to be in a weight room.


Refer him to a coach with more letters next to their name and more experience under their belt. Have him ask for their opinion on the matter. He'll have to respect their authoritaw.


You're in high school. If you do injure yourself on his watch, the school could be held liable. What authority figure in their right mind would even risk some little high school kid fucking themselves up? If it was your first time doing them, I am SERIOUSLY doubting your "perfect form" and I am also willing to bet you LOOKED like it was your first time.

The trainer was not in the wrong.


Yeah, I agree with this, but if it was just poor form why not spend some time with the kid to fix it up.
I imagine you could mess your back up pretty bad though, you see some guys actually sitting (or falling) down on the box, thats alot of weight to be putting on your tail bone.


Never mind detention, just GTFO of my building! Total alpha response. Excellent.


Hell, I've had an older trainer (who is a powerlifter and whom I respect a great deal) caution me against box squats. They place a great deal of compressive force on the spine. His point was that unless I really needed to be doing them I probably shouldn't. He also said that if he could do it all over again he'd be an Oly lifter...

Anyway, at least the guy doesn't have a problem with free squats. Now if you start going A2G and he tells you you're gonna blow your knees out, then you'll have a problem.


I agree, but didnt want to get flamed for siding with the coach. Besides you're in HS, give your body some time to finish growing before attempting a rather risky exercise.


dead@ "total alpha response"

word, go get the football coach..i mean if you have a half decent team the coach is probaly some old tobacca chewin hardass n'll give this veagen bayside high lookin weasel a prostate exam with his boot.


I can't blame the trainer at all. Schools are terrified of getting sued, and for good reason.


I don't see what the problem is. It's not like he told you to quit squatting. Suck it up, squat without the box, and when you get out of HS, you can squat anyway you want.

Prof. X is correct when it comes to liabilities. Every student has a parent that is a sneeze away from suing the school for whatever reason.


Dont ever bother worrying what these people think of you. I think half of the people who respond to these types of threads - screw that, 95% - have never been in a position of authority over anyone. The trainer is clearly incorrect that box squats put you in a wheelchair. And he probably could've phrased it better. But it was probably the 3rd thing he saw in the last minute that he would not want the AD to see if he walked in, and it was probnaly the 108th time that day that he had to address something. I'm not surprised that he didnt want to debate this. Also, if you think you can get approval from the football coach or whomever, fine, try it, but dont be surprised if another authority figure refuses to take a teenager's side over the weight room supervisor - and I use that phrase conciously. He's not a college s&c coach, in all likelihood he's not a strength coach at all, but schools need a warm body in there for liability reasons and, fair or not, his word goes.


Hmmmm... Perfect Form?

Were your knees behind your heels the very first time you did box squats?


weak sauce from an alpha dog!


It was my first time doing box squats at the high school. Form wasnt the issue here.. Ive done them at my house plenty of times, Im not new to lifting, ive been doing it serioulsey for close to 4 years now.


Thats very true, but Im not the strongest guy in my high school, theres a few kids that lift just as much and even more than me. I think he said something about putting alot of pressure on your spine as someone said before.


He'll probably tell you if your Squat sucks or not.


I remember weight lifting in high school in US. they are way to afraid of getting sued to get you an actual workout. Remember having to do cirquit drills with the same weight as 140lb kids for 30 seconds..

So 80lb for 30seconds does not give you a lot of strength. And we weren't even allowed to squat, we had to do legpresses...


Some schools are fucking horrible in regards to kids physical development.

I was a runt at my high school, but actually wanted to get bigger and stronger (Legs mainly), so I went to my P.E teacher for advice, he told me to cycle on an exercise bike.

I stayed small and weak, having no real guidance in what to do and didn't eat or do anything properly until I'd left.


Ha, I remember high school. A buddy of mine on the wrestling team was talking with the head football coach and asked him how to get bigger. Instead of telling the kid to start eating big, he told him he wouldn't gain any size until his metabolism slowed down when he was older.

File that under www.worthlessadvice.com.