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Dumbass Sayings and Words of the Past Decade


"It is what it is." (Why would something be anything but what it is?)

"For what it's worth (FWIW)." (Are you implying that what you're about to say might be worthless?"

"Honestly..." and "In my honest opinion (IMHO)." (Are you implying that you're usually not honest, but in this case you are?)

"Not to be blunt but..." (You are being blunt.)

"Not to be a bitch but..." (You are being a bitch.)

"I was like..." (No, you weren't like. You SAID something. You weren't LIKE something.)

"Could of..." (Wrong. It's could HAVE.)

"Try and..." (Wrong. It's try to.

"Abundance mentality." (Uh, that's not how you go about getting a lot of money. You need to have a high-paying job.)

"Scarcity mentality." (You have a scarcity mentality because you don't have or make enough money. End of story.)

"Law of..." (Parkinson's Law, Pareto Principle, Law of Attraction, Murphy's Law, etc. Take these laws and shove it.)



"Wealth building."





"Ya think?"

Feel free to add.


Believe you me.



"The cops can't do that!" (They just f-in did!)


Soon as I saw the title of this thread this came to mind immediately. Funny that it's the first one you listed.


NOPE! I'll explain it this way, "could have" = "could've" = sounds like "could of" when spoken, how would you know if someone said "coul've" or "could of"?

"I KNOW, RIGHT!?" <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This saying needs to die now. WTF, are you asking me to validate what you know?




A lot of people will actually type out "could of" though. There's no mistaking the error when it's typed.

I don't really mind this in moderation. It sounds really awkward while telling a story to say "I said.... then he said.... to which I replied...." and if you're adding in facial expressions or hand gestures, it becomes even more appropriate to use "I was like." Also, saying "I was like" leaves room for error when you aren't able to repeat something verbatim.

I absolutely hate when people say "I like to have fun." Oh, you like to have fun? No shit. Most people tend to like having fun, and last I checked "having fun" is NOT only synonymous with clubbing.

"No homo" has to go as well.


with all due respect.......
in my humble opinion.......


so take away the no homo and just keep it straight up homo? kidding. also "catching the ghey" is getting old.


(Insert slanderous, malicious, hateful words about someone)...but not in a bad way.


with all due respect, that was retarted


One for the goold ol' Carlin

"Down the tubes". This country is going down the tubes. What tubes? And why are there more than one tube? It would seem to me, one country one tube. But a tube that big, where is it? Someone musta seen it by now. "Look, Joey! Look at the fuckin' tube!" Never heard that. You know why? No tubes. We don't have tube 1.


You know what I mean?!

Generally stated after mindless, simplistic meaningless statements.

I was late, you know what I mean?

NO! I do not understand, PLEEEEEEASE explain this concept to me!


lol I was just about to put the ol, "cha, know wha I mean!?"


But we have Tube8 =]

This--> "and by all means" should go as well


See what I'm saying? (How the fuck can I see what you are saying?)


"the proof is in the pudding." it's "the proof of the pudding is in the eating."

"which begs the question..." begging the question is a form of logical fallacy not equal to, "which might cause us to ask..." or some such similar phrase.




I had to look this up. I can't help but side with the less strict camp on the terms of the phrase's usage. Sure, the phrase had an original usage different from its common usage today, but the common usage makes perfect sense.

"No worries." I don't like hearing this after thanking somebody.


-no offense, but...