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Dumbass Dentist!


My uncle goes into the dentist today to get 2 teeth filled. Well it seems as if the fuck head dentist didnt fasten the rings properly and my uncle swallowed both of them with the fastener (titanium head). One was lodged in his throat and the paramedics were able to get that one out. The 2nd one however they have not had luck in getting it and the fear it will get into his intestines. If that happens they have to operate. He's turning 60 this year and has cerebral palsy. He walks with a heavy limp, his right knee is probably going to need surgery as a result soon, and doesnt have function of his left hand. If surgery is needed, recovery is going to be a very difficult road for him.

Here's the FUCKING kicker! The ass fuck cocksucker dentist said to my uncle "let me work on your teeth before the paramedics arrive." Needless to say I want to go drop a barbell across the fucking assholes throat!


Just fucking wonderfull, must be one of those dentists that passed with a 45% average.

Hope all goes well.


What's wrong with that? A lesser dentist would have just given up.

I kid, I kid. I hope your uncle recovers quickly.


Not to joke, if the tooth was open or still infected, leaving it that way could lead to a much worse problem.


It looks like he will be OK. They sedated him and had to go down his throat and try to get what was left. It looks like they got everything. They're going home now so I'm going to go check out how he is. My grandma has everything that the dentist lost.

It was the root canal file/needle thing-a-ma-jig.


Is that the technical term??


OMG--you're like my long lost twin!


It's a bad thing when you start speaking Mary-ese. It only gets worse.




Well here's the obstruction.....


O.K. let me get this straight how many did he swallow?

I lost two teeth a few months back in a fight an they told me I had to pass them. They never mentioned about if they got in my intestine; then me possibly needing surgery. Is it because his age are health related issues?

Either way he (the dentist) needs to be brought up to the state board an have his license taken away.


Oh w/ the needle like tip of that thing I can see why they would want to operate to remove it. Best of luck to your uncle.


That sumbitch looks painful.


Take away his license because a patient swallowed something that small? Let me guess, the patient never has anything to do with this in these situations. What if he tried to bite the dentist's hand and that is how it was dropped?


In my uncles case, it was her fault. It came out of the drill, she said that at the hospital when she visited him. He didnt know he swallowed it until she told him. Then they called the paramedics.

Luckily it didnt cause any damage and they were able to get it before it went into his digestive track. He's more pissed that he went with food for so long than anything else. He seems ok and came out of the "cocktail" they gave him nicely.


Teeth can pass. Kids do that shit all the time. Thats not what my uncle swallowed. See photo.


OMG A time for me to chime!

The file he swallowed - that is NOT a rare occurance - it has happened quite a number of times. The dentist could have done one or both of two things to stop that - use a rubber dam (it's exactly as it sounds - a piece of rubber that dams the mouth, so nothing goes out) or tied floss around the file.

My guess is the dentist couldn't use a rubber dam because of the cerebal palsy medical condition. The question of if it was negligence arises on when the file was swallowed.

If it was whilst the dentist was there, he is an idiot for not putting floss around the file so he could stop it. I'm not sure on american law, but in Australia he'd be raped in court and be ordered for a retraining in endodontic safety principles.

HOWEVER, i have heard that american law is not so strict with regards to usage of rubber dam and other safety for root canal; not to mention if he is an older dentist (im not sure) he likely didnt receive instruction on preventative mechanisms.
If the file was swallowed during an x-ray, there may well be contributory negligence if any orders were disobeyed eg he tried to close his mouth or anything...

Either way, you can prob sue him and get his indemnity to pay you some without worrying about going to court if you really want. Though considering the outcome, i'd simply ask that the procedure be done for free, with a free crown of course :wink:

This is no reason to degregister a dentist, but it is justifyable to force retraining in endodontic safety (continuing education class?) - he may be an older dentist from back before dams and floss were used for safety.

Hope that makes sense, kinda tired... will reread it later..

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Sometimes I wish you have another job, so you wouldn't know so much. :frowning: