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Dumb Volume Question


"4-5 exercises per muscle group"

So if that is Chest & Back does that mean it's 5 for EACH (10 total) or 5 total? I have been under the impression it is the latter. Just want to see if I have been wrong this whole time.



how's that level 3 working out for ya?

chest and back are seperate 'groups'. that means you'd be doing a total of 10 exercises?


the number of exercises isn't really important, as opposed to the total volume per muscle group


You can still grow with 1-2 exercise(s) x4sets max per group as well... if you hit it heavy and hard enough every time.

"That's what she said."


For certain things I prefer to do more sets of a few exercises and for other muscle groups I prefer to do more exercises with less sets.

I dont feel like i can get a proper back workout without doing around 5 exercises. But I dont do 5 sets of each. I dont feel like I need to do 5 things for biceps, 2 or 3 suffices, but I'll do 5-6 sets of each.


That is pretty much all the advice OP needs.

Different people have different needs, I agree with bonez... 2-3 for biceps does generally suffice for most people and the 4-6 set range is good for each of those exercises.

Back, Chest, Shoulders etc...
Flyes, Flat bench, incline bench are just three I would consider staples of any particular chest workout.

Some people dedicate entire days to specific bodyparts this allows a greater amount of exercises and a greater amount of volume for the said bodypart.

Some people like to do a split where you dedicate half of that workout to one bodypart and the other half to another bodypart.

Some people do upper/lower days. This means you need to hit all of those muscles upper each workout. Lower day is of course when you need to hit all of those muscles.

Pull/push. Similar to the above but it's different in the sense that the exercises are changed based on whether the muscle pushes or pulls.

TBT. Total body training is the lowest form of all of these. You will do the least volume because you need to sacrifice some of it in order to hit every muscle in that training session.

So from top to bottom, in my opinion - best for bodybuilding.


And of course volume is highly dependant on frequency.

You should be doing much less volume per workout if you are training a muscle 3 times per week.