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Dumb questions?


I am going on my first real break from working out ever. I’ve done a 12 week routine and am satified with the results. This last week though i really pushed myself knowing that i would be on a break and have time to recover. I felt so sore it was not even funny but, it didn’t feel like i was injured. So here are my questions…

The more you tear the muscles and feel sore, the more it grows? If this is true then should i push myself like this every week if i know i can recover by the next workout. Are your muscles still fatigued if you don’t feel them sore? i.e. Chest workout monday. I feel sore until thursday. Will i be able to lift to my capabilities by saturday?

If this answer had been beaten to death remeber i’m a new guy over herr and im trying to catch up on the issues. only up to 37! thanks in advance

No dumb questions, only dumb or arrogant answers :slight_smile:
Soreness is not a factor of growth. The more you’ve adapted to your workouts, the less soreness you’re likely to feel. You will feel more sore coming off a layoff (even a planned one, like HIT) because you’ve “unadapted” to the workout scheme. Also, like you said, if you pushed yourself extra hard, switched things up, you’ll be a little more sore because you pulled your muscles out of their little adaptive zone.
There are others on here a lot better at the recovery factor than me, and I’m sure they’ll chime in. I personally go right ahead with my workouts even if I’m a little sore from the last one, because I schedule heavy and light days. However, my goals are not so much hypertrophy as some.

there was a big argument with that whole question… search the term DOMS…(Delayed onset muscle soreness)… You should find your answer there… My answer: If you are sore, you worked hard and its usually good… but you can work hard and not get sore but still gain as much or more. Its not the determining fact whether you will grow or not. Your muscles can adapt and become “In shape” so they wont get sore anymore but still grow. When your muscles get sore I think it is because you damaged your muscles from working out with is good because they will build back up bigger and stronger… in laymens terms i guess…

so what you’re saying is when you start to not feel as sore as you used to in the beginning weeks of the routine this means that it’s time to change up the routine.

Is It bad to work your last few sets to failure if you only work that body part once a week?

thanks for the re:

Soreness is not a prerequisite for positive training adaption.

However, most good programs tend to promote at least some soreness.

Also, soreness is considerably less important (or desireable) when training for maximal strength, as opposed to hypertrophy.

For what it’s worth, in the last five years of lifting, I can count the number of times I’ve experienced muscle soreness on one hand. The only time I get it is my first go-round on a brand-new routine that is a drastic change from what I had been doing. Last time I got it pretty good was German Volume Training.

Soreness is NOT a major indicator of progress, but it can be a factor.

bobopunxs, I’m not going to add anything to what everyone else said because they’ve done a great job of covering the bases. I just want to tell you to not worry about people jumping on you for asking questions. I realize some people here have recently, but you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re new to this and should feel completely comfortable asking anything, no matter how silly you might think something sounds. Best of luck with your training and I am going to send you a PM today regarding your last message to me that I haven’t responded to yet!