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Dumb question:Why aren't obese people massively strong?

I know this is a dumb question but I want to know why obese people aren’t massively strong.

Isn’t it like a regular person carrying around 100-200lb’s around them all day.

I told you it was a dumb question…

Well, in my opinion, if we talk about leg strenght, if both a 400lbs fat guy and a 150 skinny guy squat the same, the fat guy is technicaly stronger, because he still has to “squat” his fat, so that could be one or two hundred pounds, if not more … As long as the rest of the body is concerned, size doesn’t equal strenght. But that’s just my opinion.

What is the obese person’s lifestyle? If he’s sedentary, then he won’t be stimulating strength increases. On the other hand, active, healthy heavy people generally are stronger than their skinnier counterparts. But, in general, obesity is a product of a lifestyle that generally avoids physical activity. Or, weight becomes such a problem that physical activity becomes more trouble than the person would like to deal with.

I have noticed that, sometimes, massively huge men do have very muscular calves.

some are, but many are also massivly lazy. It requires some movement to build muscle.

From what ive seen obease people can typically leg press a lot.

High repetition work does not make you strong. Lifting heavy weights makes you strong. So in the end, the obese person may be stronger than average due to dealing with the extra weight, but if they never push it beyond that, they will never get really strong.

Obese guys tend to be very strong in their legs and in the muscles that hold them erect, like their abdominals. This is assuming the obese person is actually moving around. It IS just like a regular guy carrying around a couple hundred extra pounds. Obese guys just don’t have much in the chest and arms.

The funny part is that if you look at their bodyfat percentages, a 350 lb guy might be 40% BF, but that still leaves 210 lbs of lean body mass. (This assumes that those Omron body fat monitors can be trusted at very high readings.) How many body builders out there have 210 lbs LBM?

Oddly enough, with 210 lbs LBM, the obese guy needs a totally different diet from what most weight loss diets expound. The protein requirements are much higher than what you might expect.

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