dumb question...sorry

Hey guys, I know that to the vets in the room this is maybe one of those questions and you tell yourself “do some research jackass.” So I hope I don’t offend anyone, so here it is. My question is, what is the safest amount of different roids to pull into one seringe for a safe injection?? Like I said may be trivial but pertinent to my current situation. I am had originally wanted to only run test and eq and read as to how to pull the two into one shot. Now I am thinking of adding something extra to this cycle. Can I follow the same protocol for three different substances? Basically is it safe to run three things in one seringe? Sorry it was such a wordy way to ask such a short question. Thanks for any info or a point to an article or previous post.
Flame if you must.
Thanks guys.

that question isnt as dumb as you think. i used to wonder the same thing when i started and it isnt talked about that much. basically, most barrels are 3cc. IMO it is perfectly fine to mix any combo. now i am not saying that all gear works well together. i am just saying there wont be any type of negative reaction from injecting them together. i regularly mix water based and oil based chemicals. no problems ever. for example, cyp/eq/winny at 1cc each would be fine.

I’m new and I can tell you that you need to hit the books a lot more!

Just to answer the question, It depends where you stick it as to how much the max is but no more than 4 cc’s anywhere.

Here was the first result of my search on “max injection”:

The more you push the more it will hurt…and the longer you will have to wait to use the site again.

exactly what drago said. I am currently running cyp eq tren. the cyp is mon-fri. the rest mon-sun. so mon-fri, I load all three up and inject, but I spilt the injection into two different areas.

I’ve never done more than 3cc’s in one injection. Usually takes longer to dissipate too.

Pretty much what everyone else has said. Just be aware of how much you’re pushing in at a specific site, For example, you wouldn’t push 3cc into your shoulder obviously. If you’re gonna mix and the volume is high, hit your big muscles like the glutes and thighs.

Also, when you are mixing water-base and oil-base gear, TAKE YOUR TIME pushing the plunger down. It might be difficult pushing the oil in, but if you hit a high volume of water in your barrel, it might flow TOO fast. Be aware of this…take your time and make sure your injection is slow and even. Good luck.

I tend to agree with Drago…3cc’s being the max I would inject. By the way Drago you mentioned injecting water based with oil based and never having a problem…I’ve heard of it before but never mixed the two. I’ve always heard water with water - oil with oil, but again I’m old school.

I concur with what the rest of y’all said. I regulary mix too- have mixed I think as many as 4 things at once and never had a problem. e.g: a little tren, deca, test and a pinch of HCG all in one syringe.