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Dumb Question: Flushing Every Toilet


Alright alright i bet this has been asked before but I just thought about it.

What would happen if every toilet in the world was flushed at the same time.


They would probably all flush, but take a really long time to re-fill.

Not to hijack the thread or anything, I once flushed a cherry bomb at a place I worked at like 5 years ago, it blew a huge chunk out of the left side of the bottom part of the toilet.... It was SO awesome, it was like 9th grade all over again with my coworker and I...... I told my boss that some really fat guy probably broke it. Man those were some fun times.


I think jchenky might get a little excited...


I guess sewers of major cities would flood. the middle east would be ok because their toilets are holes in the ground.




Armageddon would ensue...it's science!!


The middle east? fuck china and japan for that matter, not everywhere but most of asia shits in holes.