Dumb Post-Cycle Diet Question?

I already know the answer to this question (I think), but I want others who are in the know opinions.

How do you readjust your daily Kcal levels to trim the fat gained post cycle? After PCT do you figure out your new BMR and daily kcal needs(duh)? Once this is determined how long do eat at new maintenance levels before you start to tweak the number of kcal consumed to drop body fat?

My concern is not eating at new maintenance levels long enough to solidify new gains prior to cutting. Thanks.

A lot of those caloric issues, as you probably already know, are based on metabolism. Personally, I cut calories down to maintenance level (about 18kcal/lb) and then drop to fat loss level (about 14 or 15kcal/lb) after a month.

Adjust it as you see fit. It would be practical if you modified your caloric intake by observing your body as it changes.

Did you have a specific type of diet in mind?

good question, try 6-8 weeks worth post cycle… that is just a shot in the dark though

Thanks for the quick replies. Currently I am hitting between 5k and 6k daily. My maintenance is 3200. Micros are 40/40/20. I was thinking about dropping down to maint for a month post post cycle.

Then slowly cutting carbs back to just breakfast and PWO. Then eventually replacing all carbs with fat and go back on the AD after the holiday season. Please don’t flame my current cycle.

wk 1-2 2x MAG-10 ed
wk 3-6 demacrine 4-5 pumps ed
wk 5-6 2x MAG-10 ed
wk 6-10 dermacrine sustain 4-5 pumps daily

This is all in preparation for my first real cycle at the beginning of '08
350mg test e for 10 weeks.