Dumb Kid Looking for Advice

Hey T nation, Looking for some cycle advice.

Little backstory, I’m currently 22 6’1" and 223 pounds, Have years of lifting experience (started when I was 11) Played college football for 3 years, and after that trimmed down from 285 to my current weight, Just have hit a plateau in my physique and looking for some advice on running a possible cycle to get over this hump, pumps just haven’t been the same, not seeing any noticeable gains anymore, etc. I have dabbled around with some Orals in the past , OT and DBol (yikes I know.) Also have used some SARMS in the past, Nutrition is pretty much in check, running about 2200-2500 kcal a day (trying to cut still) and training 5-6 days a week.
Still have some DBol but from research and personal experience f*** that, but do have a decent amount of nova. I guess my main question would be would running some test alongside some orals such as winny or var be a good route to take? Or even just a low does (20-30mg) of turnibol help me get over this hump?
PS. have been trying different training methods as well, so far the only one that really lets see some gains is heavy volume compound movements, such as the simon panda type training approach. Any advice or criticism is appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

Absolutely not ready to hit a cycle. You need a few years at least of gaining muscle mass naturally before even thinking of a cycle.

Eat big and lift consistently.



to be honest OP I expected to see more muscle mass from your 12 years of lifting. you got very heavy, what were your lifts at 285lbs? as SB says you need to take some time to get your nutrition in check and progressively overload at the gym as you have quite a bit of room for improvement. stick at it for a couple of years then re-evaluate my friend.


WHAT? Turinabol (chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) is structurally derived from dianabol (dehydromethyltestosoterone), the only difference being the addition of the chloro group at the 4th carbon position (of which aside from further improving a/a ratio impedes it from having affinity to the ER and 5 a reductase enzyme)…

Also the “factual” statement orals can’t be run alone (in my opinion) is BS, as certain (such as dbol)… can’t be, even if it isn’t particularly optimal. I wouldn’t recommend you run anything however, I look better than you at this moment and I haven’t been able to lift properly for like nine weeks due to chronic pain. Fucking sick tattoos though, anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism is always a possibility if you feel sluggish and physically can’t seem to make gains, in which case get labs. Anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism is sometimes reversible, so if this is the case, don’t jump too TRT… unless you’re on meds which are known to impede endocrine function (SSRI’s/many antidepressants, opiates, anti androgens, statins etc.)

Jheez man no offence but that’s not good your 22 and been training since 11, done orals and sarms but you look like youve never trained, I’m only 17 and look a heck of a lot better than that and only done 1 sarms cycle, eat more and train harder.

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Why are you using SARM’s? Current data doesn’t support the notion they’re safer or any less suppressive than anabolic steroids. I’m not sure if the notion of you bringing you’re age into account is a way to nonchalantly initiate conversation about you’re past use of PED’s, however unless you’re on TRT or are very well versed on the risks I’d tread very carefully. When you’re seventeen it’s very difficult to ascertain what you want in life, I’m almost 19 and I haven’t a fucking idea what the future holds for me, thus I attempt to hold off on making large scale decisions (though I’m trying dbol on my TRT, so my lack of neurological development and predispensity towards making terrible decisions has taken over regardless…)

I’d argue I’m more confused now than I was at age 17, variables change… The long term neurological, cardiac, and endocrine effects of SARM usage is still largely unknown nor has the carcinogenic profile of the compounds been studied in depth…

Seriously, if you’re going to use selective androgen receptor modulators tread with extreme caution… be safe bro… That being said I’ll probably try SARMS at some point next year given I have the option to obtain a legitimate prescription for them through various shady clinics. It’ll be an intriguing experiment regarding observation to what they inflict upon varying parameters of bloodwork.

For bodybuilding bro

OP I think there is probably something wrong with your diet or training. I think before considering a cycle you should get those dialed in.
You may think everything is dialed in.

Maybe post that info here and let people help you with that first.