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dumb bell workouts

i’ve tried searching the artciles, I guess im not quite good with search function yet.
I finally got my dumb bells, they’re not extremely heavy(highest solid one is 25lbs, there are 2 w/ interchangable weights which i could probably reach over 30-45lbs each I havent counted up the poundage on the plates yet), but im still quite weak. Although they need to be washed (covered in grease/motor oil lol)
I also got a long bar w/ plates but cant use it yet - no room I’ll end up breaking the fax machine, or my back in trying to save the fax machine lol. That will be put to use in the new house (dec 15th here we come!)

Anywho, I tried searching for workouts that use all dumb bells or dumb bells + calisthenics & not things that could only be performed with a long bar. Any up on tmag like that, or mostly like that & i can substitute or skip things I’d be unable to do with a dumb bell?

thanks so much again

There may be an article, but here’s a list that will last you until the middle of next month, and others may have more to add:

saxon side bends
waterbury crucifix
one leg st leg dl or good morning
one leg squats
side and bent laterals
straight arm and arc rows
cuban rotation
hang snatch
arnold press
arm flexion and extension
ankle dorsiflexion
dumbell to armpit trap in some article
reverse hypers

Those are the ones I can think of that don’t need a bench or more than 25, at least with 20 reps.

Check out the various workouts at the Powerblock website: