Dumb bastards on Ephedra

This guy at a party (he was like 16ish) comes up to me and says, HEY man, IM so hyper right now, I just popped a load of E pills, and drank back a few shots of whisky… I told him he’s a friggen moron, and it’s people like him that give it a bad name. Then I walked away.

You think he meant X-tacy, sometimes called “E”? Well, he said hyper, so I guess not.

Agreed. Guys like this are the reason it’s getting banned (or litigated out through insurance scams.)

You sure he didn’t mean Ecstasy?

I had someone tell me they were hyper on Ecstasy before. So I would think he was talking about that if you were at a party.

Ecstacy makes you a little more than hyper, most E does have some speed in it. I highly doubt he talking about ephedra.

True Ecstasy also know as X,E, and a whole lot of other names, is MDMA.

Load of E pills would probably kill him, ephedrin pills does have very small amounts of speed in it, and I have heard that some folks like to get high of it just like huffing, but I agree its morons like him that give it a bad rep.

E has a lot more than MDMA in it, but that is the main ingredient that gives you that “feeling”.

No he meant ephedra, it’s actually exzenadrin he was taking, and I just said E for short, sorry for the confusion.

What a dumb shit. Mixing ephedrine with alcohol is bad news in terms of dehydration. and of course general fucked-up-ness.

YOu know it’s funny how quick the FDA is to ban substances such as ephedra but when it comes to products produced by pharmacuetical companies (and some still overdose) they are willing to blame the individual. I think we all know who the FDA is bowing to.

A logical thing to do would be if the government regulated epherine supplementation through sports medicine doctors in some way so the system wouldn’t be abused. Supplement companies wouldn’t be happy but their marketing has somewhat cause this situation in the USA. Thoughts anyone?

Ephedra or ecstacy it doesn`t matter because neither of them should be mixed with alcohol and the stupid fucker did. Oh yeah, if dumb shit downed a whole hand full of X, well then this retard would be in the hospital if not the mortuary.