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Dull Pain in My Elbows


For some reason, I have a persistent, dull pain in my elbows. It usually comes on when I sleep with my hand pressed to my shoulder tight, or after front squatting; in other terms, when my arms are bent and there's pressure towards the torso on them.

This is a real bitch; has anyone had the same problem here? How can I minimise the pain? My elbow and shoulder joints aren't too great as it is, and this is a pain in the ass :(.



For front squatting, have you tried using one of these?



Right now both of my shoulders are so bad, I can't do anything except rest and some arm workouts. I do use elbow sleeves however. Do you use them to minimize the stress on the elbows?

e.g. http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=114&pid=939

I know Tommy Kono brand is recommended by many people, but I have not used them yet.


Hey man, thanks a lot for the advice. I'll pick those up next time I'm overseas, which may not be for over a month :S. Anyone else got input?

BTW, best of luck with your shoulders. I know how that is: shoulders so messed up you can't bench, row, or basically do any upper body work.. Can you still do legs, Mike?


Yes I can, so I split my Leg day into two - Hip dominant and Quad dominant. Also I can do biceps and triceps without too much pain, so that provides at least 4 workouts per week for now.