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DukeTheSlaya's Journey to Overhead Pressing Like a God


Me just mucking around. I thought i could make it to the top but apparently not.


Awesome, now you have a tangible goal: make it to the top of the silo without using your feet. You know what the goal is, you know how to achieve it, now you just have to get after it!



Got to the Residential college yesterday and today was first day at my new school. Year 11’s going to be a breeze. Im doing Maths,English,Business,Sports coaching, Health studies and physical education studies.

The “Residential college” -apparently its not a boarding school, im just staying at a place across from the school. Anyway its pretty lit. Lots of food and get dessert and afternoon food and knew a few people there already. Pool and games rooms and ping pong etc and excursions and yeh good time with mates and focusing on studies and getting gains.

Thanks to the people who have been here in this log and hope to see you in the next one for a hopefully better log.

End of Log///

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