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DukeTheSlaya's Journey to Overhead Pressing Like a God

you’ll never be satisfied with your physique, but you’ll get to a stage where you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished. You’ll still want more, but you’ll be happy about what you’ve built so far.

Just takes time.


Couldnt go to the gym today had to help mum with the garden . All good will just go tomorrow


Functional training.


Full body Friday
Smith machine front squat
90kilos ×5 (PR)
100 kilos
×4 (PR)
I didnt even know i pr i had in my head today il just match my previos pr of 3 but i thought it was 4 and it was alot easier then when i pr and got 3. I looked back in my log and it was actually 3 So Pr!!! But i dont know hoe i managed this because my quads were and are still feeling so knotted and sore. I foam rolled at the start of my session and that didnt help so for the rest of my workout my quads were feeling horrible and i just skipped shoulder press because all i could feel was my sore af quads. Tbis hasnt happened to this extent before.

One arm db row
27.5kg ×8
×8 (all pr ) because havent used this weight .

Pullups!! I dont know but somehow i figured out how to engage my whole upper back and lats so idk something just clicked. Felt really good!
flat db bench
25 kg × 5
× 8
Then called it a day lol .


Okay so what is up ith Dr chicken legs. I saw an article and video by dr chicken legs that said “dont train biceps if you cant do 8 strict pullups " yet hes going against himself with a a article wtf and iv seen others like"if you cant do this many pushups then dont bench press”

This is what I wrote with regards to side raises in another thread. It applies to other bodyparts too. People like to parrot things without using common sense.


@dt79 :rage::rage: this stuff just triggers me

This is a very very fucking immensely stupid statement parroted by one author who also may not believe in localized muscle growth. The original idea was from Dave Tate, which I believe meant something along the lines of “if you do not have a sufficient base of muscle that enables you to do a certain number of push ups, don’t train the powerlifting style bench with the conjugate method.”


I find it funny in videos with dr john rusin and Christian Thibaudeau how tiny dr chicken legs looks . If the author didnt make such bullshit statements and believe that crap perhaps he would be bigger lol

I wasn’t referring to Dr John Rusin actually. I have not read any of his articles. He may have some good stuff on other topics. Just don’t take everything you read as gospel and try things out first and then evaluate results to see what you should take in and what you should discard.


So some good things are happening, strength is going up nicely and pullups are starting tonfeel alot easier

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Dr Rusin (chicken little) has some decent/helpful stuff on mobility but aside from that he writes stuff to desperately try to appeal to the functional people. I doubt Brian Shaw could do 8 pullups but he’s still massive. Don’t forget his intense calf workouts that lead to massive calves too.

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I reckon he’d be good for over 10.


I don’t know about Brian Shaw but I remember seeing a video of Kirill Sarychev and a couple of other heavyweight powerlifters having a pull up competition and they made it look extremely easy.

EDIT: Here it is, I thought it was too cool not to share.

Found this one too, you can tell I’m bored but they’re cool to watch.


And speaking of pullups today my back is extremely sore ( the good kind)
Because i actually engaged my back properly


I think the idea behind it is sensible.

I think the ability to do the goblet squat is more or less analogous to being able to do a good squat. If you can do a good goblet squat, then I’m pretty sure you have the mobility to do a good back and front squat.

Not sure where he got 25 reps, but the idea behind it seems similar to what Dan John wrote regarding the goblet squat.

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Good point i didn’t think of it that way

No more heavy shoulder presses or dumbell bench. My shoulders dont like it So lighter sets and no reps below 6

Whenever I read articles like this, I just take it with a grain of salt. For the most part this sort articles aren’t for us(at least me).

I’ve squatted 2x bodyweight and 1.5x bodyweight for a set of 10+ In the back squat. Bodyweight front squats for several sets of 10+ as my back off sets after my working sets. And I’m by no means even remotely strong.

If you’re aware of your capabilities and know where you stand, none of this stuff should bother you. It doesn’t bother me at least.


Ray Williams genuinely scares me just watching him lift. Point taken.