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DukeTheSlaya's Journey to Overhead Pressing Like a God

I was lost as a vego until i found this little vegan bakery that make the best pies I’ve ever had, no shit.
They do this vegan AB pie and no shit it tastes like the real thing. Life saver.


WAs strongest man and woman was fucking awesome. I mainly just wanted to see the log prrss and deadlift medley but the yoke/car walk, axle tire squat was awesome too. I left after the deadlift medley and there was still atlas stones and one more.

I got to see a 140kg log press, 275kg deadlift bar deadlift, 300kg axle tire deadlift, 400kg car walk which were my favourites.

I wish it was a deadlift max instead of trap bar deadlift and deadlift bar ×1 then axle bar tire deadlift for max reps, they could have maxed out at 310 kg probably on the deadlift bar.

Was there from 9 till 2 and got sunburnt as shit.



Finally, I found the pork sausage thread.


OHP looks solid.

Time is on your side brother. Keep it up!



Thanks man! That means alot

Well guess who caught the strongman bug lol, iv been thinking about it for ages but now i actually want to do strongman. The closest gym with strongman stuff is golds gym port kennedy (20 minutes bus trip away roughly). It has a dedicated strongman room and outside strongman as well. . One of WAs strongest men that i met yesterday invited me there and when i told people i train at snao fitness they just craxked up laughing lmao.Theres a class there on tuesdays once a week. Theres also a golds gym in rockingham which i can go straight after school but im not sure theres strongman stuff. If i get a membership at golds it gives me access to port kennedy,mandurah, and rockingham. Mandurah also has strongman stuff but thats further away then port kennedy.


Joining the darkside…

RIP powerlifting teletubby. I’ll replace you with a powerlifting @guineapig whose hunger for rep PRs cannot be satiated nor will his devotion to the almighty Church of the IPF/Affiliates be shaken by mere strongman circus acts lel.

*Hunger for Rep PRs and Devotion to Powerlifting Intensifies
PIggy 2

Maybe see if you can get a free trial/pass to check out the gym/s and their equipment before you get stuck with a shitty contract. Get a feel for the gym and its members/atmosphere before you commit.

In the mean time chuck some searches into google maps and see what comes up. Where I am there’s a decent strongman/powerlifting/OL gym close-ish and didn’t even know it until I had a google of it.

At worst you can try to make do with what you got tho it won’t be as fun without all the toys:


Pls teach me your ways

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For getting your roots down in strongman, you really don’t need much. Really, just getting gym strong will go a long way, even without implements. You want to make sure you’re strong across a broad range of reps rather than just max singles, and you want a solid conditioning base. While away from implements, if you can find something heavy to pick up and run with (rocks are good, sandbags are easy to DIY, kegs aren’t too hard to acquire), that’ll be good. If you can get an old car tire, you can tie a rope around it and drag it to make a sled. Spend time sprinting and jumping and throwing. Basically, be an athlete, not just a lifter.


@duketheslaya: Any press or jerk you walk out of the rack, walk out starting with a clean grip (elbows up and in, bar more in the tops of your hands), then once you have walked it out you can lower your elbows a tad and out (still in front of the bar if you are push pressing or jerking, and if you press like I do then that too), bringing the weight deeper into your hands while it still resting on your chest. You still need your chest to stay up when you do drop your elbows though.

Hope you have fun with the strongman stuff, it’s a pretty nice and well rounded sport as far as physical demands. It requires you to be fast, strong, powerful, and to have some good strength endurance/cardio.

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Keep up the good work, good to see your keen on strongman, you certainly have time on your side.
I didn’t realise you’re in Perth, bloody great part of our country, was over there earlier this year to see Green day.


Yo duke, how big of a carryover has OHP had to your bench? And what cues do you think about when you’re pressing? I’ve never been an OHP guy but I want to throw it in a few times/week

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Lol im not into powerlifting anyway, i havent even back squatted in months.

Thats a good idea, i might just go on a Tuesday and pay $15 to attend strongman class to get a feel for it.

There was Barbarian strength and conditioning (powerlifting, strongman gym) , which unfortunately closed down :cry: . Theres also a crossfit gym that includes strongman workouts in there classes but mixed with the other gay crossfit shit, a crossfitter who does strongman yesterday invited me there, but unfortunately i cant just go in and use the equipment r.i.p so that’s a no. I also noticed that a few crossfitters competing at strongman yesterday were strong at log press. Great technique ftom doing olympic lifts.

Thanks man! Im just a normal gym bro atm (that actually trains legs) so its good if i get into an actual sport instead of just training in general, it will give me some competitiveness and even yesterday i met some great people! . And i totally forgot you were aussie. I knew there was some more around besides @painter27 @MarkKO @Irishman92 @kleinhound @j4gga2 @guineapig @bigjez

And if you’re interested Next time you’re in perth meet up for a training session :sunglasses:

Edit: @simo74 as well. Gotta remember good old simo. Last time i forgot about @kleinhound :expressionless:


I noticed that man, alot of the strongman yesterday were mostly former powerlifters. They were strong as oxes.

Im definitely going to try get some cheap sandbags and fill them in. My cousin dave who i also live with is a diesel mechanic and really crafty. also watched one of alphas video and it says go to a car tire yard and then i can make the tire sled. My gym has a prowler and battle ropes and kettlebells etc so got some good conditioning stuff already. Cheers heaps for all that!
I may change gyms but il have to see. If not il just do strongman class once a week but still go to my gym.

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Thanks man!
I have a push press of (70kg) without training it and as my strict goes up so does push press. so thats a good starting point. I feel if i can get my front squat, strict press, push press, deadlift and grip strength up that will help alot with strongman. Plus conditioning etc.
For Was strongest man the weights this year for the under 90s i feel i could get to that strength level in a year. I told them the weights i lift and they said if i add 40-60 to my squat and deadlift and 20kg to my strict press i should be ok and i wont zero the events. I got some great tips from the strongman as well. Also o got invited by one of the strongest there to train at golds gym with them at the class they teach which was cool.


Nice man, and yeah, there’s definitely some kind of relationship between the two. I don’t really strict press, bench, or incline, but all of those are always stronger when I get back to them.

Just gotta keep up with the consistency, and working hard. Don’t skip out on abs/lower back/upper back/bicep work, you’re going to need them to be strong to stay safe.

Well, i have a weak bench so im probably not the one to ask. I think it would have some carryover though. A big bench also requires strong delts, upper back and triceps which having a strong overhead press all involves.

Here are some useful articles and videos which should help get you started. Id definitely recommend overhead pressing,its an awesome lift for upper body power!

@Alpha has great content for overhead pressing and anything in general. Check him out.


Yeah, you’re pretty darn strong!
Iv started doing incline benching so that should bring up my ohp a little but have to be carefull with it. I also hate benching so instead i close grip, which has recently started making my press go up again.

Cheers man.

Don’t us blow in Aussies count too !!!

Haha! Sorry forgot about you lol and p.s Anyone visiting perth be sure to tell me. Try keeping up with such a young teenage stud :wink:.
Might pass up on like @MarkKO though, would cry when i see Mr olympia 2k18 lifting big weights and im lifting like 1kg. Lol