DukeTheSlaya's Journey to Overhead Pressing Like a God

Today ate breakfast 4 eggs two pieces of soy and linseed toasts and one cup oats.
Mid morning snack greek yoghurt fruit and one natural protein nut bar.
Lunch rinned una and cooked quinoa
Afternoon snack chicken and honey sweet potato with ginger.
Dinner chicken and veggies.
Had one shake today pre workout and one post workout
Before bed will have casein

Incline dumbell bench press 4 sets 8 15 kilo dumbells.
Flat bench dumbell bench press 4 sets 12.
10 kilo
1 set weighted pushups 10 kilos 22 reps
4 sets dumbell shoulder press 12 reps.
1 set 20 rear delt raises 2 kilo dumbells.
4 sets 12overhead triceps extension 10 kilos superstted with tricep pressdown 10 reps. 3/20 weight.
Calf raises 2 sets 15 smith machine 40 kilos .
Felt light need to add weight.
2 sets 25 pushup position ab wheel rollouts
Stretching .
Dont have any chest doms whatsoever weight mustve been to light ??

Breakfast: 5 eggs ,2 pieces soy and linseed toast and 1 cup cooked oats

Mid morning snack greek yoghurt and protein bar natural nut and apple
Lunch tinned tuna and cooked quinoa
Afternoon meal chicken and quinoa + one wheyprotein shake
1 cup of milk

Dinner steak and fettucini pasta.

Before bed have casein shake

Hey Duke, so I’ll help out as best I can here but so far it’s actually looking really good! I expected your diet to be much worse.

What’s your height and weight?

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About 5ft 7 and 66 kilos man. @Yogi1

Heres a pic i took about a month ago

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Idk its a weird pic but meh kinda embarrassing lol

A few months before that i was fat but started playing football and basketball and hitting the gym.
Of course my workouts were bro workout splits and random weights etcand just having the occasional shake but heres the before pic

Cool, so you actually look pretty good in that after photo. You’re definitely in a great place to start.

The thing you’ll need to be ok with, is that 99% of the advice online is written with adults in mind, and so isn’t perfectly applicable to you. You’ll be reading a lot of stuff about high intensity training, intensity techniques, all sorts of ways to really brutalise yourself.

While obviously you should be training hard, you need to accept that while your body is growing and developing you don’t want to be smashing yourself into bits deadlifting heavy singles and shit like that.

@Chris_Colucci wrote an amazing article on the subject

I understand it’s a hard sell at first as bodyweight stuff is kinda boring - but check out phase II.

You also need to pay particular attention to the dietary guidelines. People always recommend asinine things like eat 5000 calories, or bulk up until you can’t see your abs or whatever. Bullshit. At the age you are you need to think about ingraining habits of being as healthy as possible. Don’t think about things like calories or whatever; just eat to nourish your body as best you can. If you do, you’ll be muscular and lean without even trying.


Okay is this good im doing a push pull legs routine.
I cant do deadlifts at the gym as the smith machine and no barbell.
I use dumbells for benching etc.
The dumbells are not heavy enough for deadlifting and i know deadlifts are great but just cant do them.

It’s ok, you can adapt it a little if you need to. You can drop the deadlift.

Tomorrows workout is pull.

The routime goes like this.
Momday push
Tuesdays pull
Wednesday rest
Thursday legs
Friday push
Saturday rest
Sunday rest.

Momday pull
Tuesday push
Wednesday rest
Thursday legs
Friday pull.

This is the layout

Pull workout:
Low row 1 set of 20 light to warmup back.
Weighted chins 1 set 5 2nd 6 3rd.6
Smith machine bent over row. 3 sets 6
Dumbell bent over row 3 sets8
Dumbell shrugs4sets8
Lat pulldown two sets 12 close grip one set wide grip 10
Cable reverse curl 2 sets 12
2 sets ten hammer curls

yeah, I don’t like it.

Trust me, just do the routine Chris wrote.


Legs routine:Legs/grip/abbs
2set farmers walk
Goblet squat 1 set 20
Jump squats 2 sets 10
Leg press or smith squats alternate each week 4 sets of 8
Leg extention 2 seats heavy 6 reps 2 sets 12
Leg curl 4 sets 12
Walk lunges bodyweight till failure
4 sets 25 ab wheel rolllouts or any abb exercise you enjoy.

I can only do gym monday tuseday thursday friday

yeah a lot of that routine you posted is totally unnecessary and just wasting time.

Those days are perfect, and actually what I would recommend.

Remember - you don’t build muscle in the gym. You build muscle recovering from the gym. See what I’m saying? It’s not always a case of doing more stuff giving more results.

I personally train 3 times a week and I do just fine.


Ok what in the routine is unnecessary?
I dont want to change routine i like the routine because i made it and feel proud for doing some research.
Can i just do this routine for a bit and see how it goes? If so what is bad in the routine?
I dont wanna do a bunch of new exercises because i suck and no one can teach me as its a small gym. And im mainly the only person in town who goes except my friend and the ladies who do cardio

Im off to bed goodnight or goodday if its day for you lol

Here are some unnecessary stuff in my opinion

1.[quote=“duketheslaya, post:15, topic:224849”]
Jump squats 2 sets 10

Why do such a dangerous exercise that you cannot easily progress in as a second movement?
You’d be way better off doing squats,box squats or any other squatting variation that you can just add weight to the bar overtime

I think heavy leg extensions are a 1 way ticket to knee pain

Why on a smith machine.It forces you to a kinda shitty bar path on rows imo,that’s hard to progress with

Why lat pulldowns in there?More is not always better.Instead of extra back volume why not do upper body in one day and have more frequency or time to recover that way?

That’s a few things to look at

Don’t get me wrong,you’ve made some pretty solid gains,but you’d be way better following a routine by someone more experienced than you.Don’t you want a routine that’s sure to give you close to the best gains possible?