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Duke's Learning Thread

Yes, please define overtrained.

Repeating, because I know this will get lost.

Now, onto the variables that will get you where you want to be:

  • KD13 provided you a program.
  • When you answer the above question, we’ll sort out your diet
  • When you answer the above above question, we’ll sort out your ‘overtraining’

…and, you have your placebos… I mean supplements


What’s the heaviest dumbbell you have access to?

Not trying to jump around to too many topics here, but I did just remember this thread where we all talked about the best way to spend $50 on food. I sincerely doubt you spent less than $50 on your protein and creatine. So, again, it was money wasted.


If anything this thread is helpful for me at least. Than you for your contributions.

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I’m not sure what it’s like for you guys in the states but for me in the UK whey protein works out as a pretty well priced option in terms of price per 20g of protein. I’ve just got 5kg for £33, that’s 200 servings.

It don’t change the fact that this kid needs to learn how to eat real food, budget and learn to cook. Just thought I would mention it!


So from blackbelt protein.com.au i bought 5 kilos of whey concentrate and 4 kilos of casein,1 kilo of creatije monohydrate and two shakers for 240 dollars…
And what i usually do is go to the gym and do random stuff which is stupid and i overtrained. …
Yesterday i ate fuck all and on saturday im going food shopping.
When my protein etc has come i will start my training using the program kd13 gave.

Also im not trying to argue or agitate anyone.
Readon i have second guessed what people have said is because with protein shakes it adds up alot more than it does to biy a bunch of dood because my mum can only afford 400-500 for a two week shop and once all the meat,school food, veggetables are bought theres no money for me to get food i need

So it is easier to buy protein in bulk because im not some rich motherfucker like you all think i am…

Im poor duh

Poor? I’m not sure you actually know the meaning of the word unless your joking

when my dad was growing up he was 1 of 8 kids, had an alcoholic dad who drank all the money away. He was so poor they was living off hand outs and the loose change they could steal from his pockets when he passed out. He had to cut up the kitchen vinyl flooring to make soles for his shoes.

Be thankful to your mum and for what you have, I’m not sure it’s just training and nutrition you need perspective on but I have to keep reminding myself your so young.


9 kg of protein powder.Oh gawd that hurts.Please tell me she found that really cheap cause if not you just bought powder with the money you could buy 30-40 kg of real food minimum


Your 18, have you thought about maybe getting a job and no relying on mummy so much?

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I believe he is 14 years old.

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I thought he said 18. Either way get a job and buy your own food.

Honestly as a mom, I would buy him food, but if wanted protein he would have to buy that himself.


You’d be a cool ass mom then.Mine and most included would not let their kids buy chemicals or drugs

I drink a shake in the morning, and I also use creatine, so I am the one setting the bad example.

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Yo it was really cheap protein!!
And today at the gym i went with my mate and decided to test on strength.
The max weight the gym has for the smith machine is 100kilo so i squatted that did 2 good reps and on the final rep wasnt so good…
Smoth bench 70 kilos two reps one good second was bad.
Leg press only goes to 100 and i did alot of reps on that.
Te dumbells in the gym the highet one is 35kilos and i can farmers walk with both the 35kilo which is 70 in total and its easy.

And yeah for those wondering the gym doesn’t have a barbell to do normal squat or bench press so uss smith machine.

Note :still not fully recovered and felt weak today. If had more weight for smith machie could squat more .

Are these decent strength?
Or really weak?

@kd13 yeah man i have alot to learn

And our neighbour has chickens and ducks so they are giving us 2carlton of eggs and 2 duck eggs a weak for free because they know i am into gym.
Tomorrow we r going food shopping so il let yous know what i can get

Idk when il be getting the eggs but they offered today which is very nice of them

@Chris_Colucci tomorrow il be seeing if i can buy lots of bananas ,some whole chickens,potatoes,nuts,oats and beans

Provided it was full range of motion that’s about the same weight I could do and I’m 18 so I’d say for 14 it’s pretty good. How come the weights only go up to 100kg? Are there no more weight plates at all?