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My mum cant afford to buy me a trolley of food when we go shopping which is every two weeks. Can anyone suggest me a cheap meal plan and some cheap whey thats decent quality i can buy in large quantity? I did have whey protein but i ran out and im not recovering very quick. So i need some decent quality protein and a meal plan to build muscle thats real cheap

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Update on nutrition

How old are you?

A meal plan, huh? What’s your height and weight? How lean are you? What exactly has your diet been? What is your training plan? Goal?


Weight 66 kilo height 5ft6 age 14
Dont have training plan because no point when i cant get any nutrition i need so lately havent been to gym. Not that lean id say 15-17 percent body fat. Goal is to lose fat and put on some muscle and just be ripped


At 14 your body is on the verge of major hormonal changes which will put you at an advantage for adding muscle and losing fat. Probably your golden period for changing your body and setting the foundation for future years is between 16 and 24 ish. Don’t waste it.

Don’t “not train” simply because your food intake isn’t optimal. Get medical clearance and then get onto a sensible routine which suits both you, your available time and your goals, and that you enjoy. Get a look through this site, there are plenty of knowledgeable people who have already given advice to many people re training.

Simple everyday foods, milk, eggs, turkey mince, cheaper meat cuts, fresh vegetables, fruit. If you’ve got a saturday job and can afford it pick up some fish oils, creatine, protein powder. If you can’t afford it don’t sweat, but don’t sit on your arse doing nothing.

Remember proteins, creatines are only supplements. Nice to have, but make sure your getting some good food into you.

Be patient, set mini goals, don’t get fat, progress.

Hope this helps


Thanks gazz much appreciated


Dude, if you’re on a budget, forget the supplements. It isn’t worth the precious pennies-- instead buy these affordable items:

-pasta noodles, egg noodles
-beans, in their whole uncooked raw form. SUPER CHEAP. Easy to cook.
-olive oil or whatever oil you can afford (stay away from the vegetable/soy oils if you can)
-any type of vegetable you can get your hands on or is on sale/special. You can buy whole bags of large carrots for pretty cheap. Leafy greens are a great option too.
-any type of fruit that you can afford or is on sale/special, bananas are super cheap and are great muscle builders.
-buy pork, chicken, beef that is on special
-drink lots of water

For a bit more information on meat here:
-by WHOLE chickens and boil them or bake them. Buying a whole chicken is generally much cheaper than buying boneless breasts or already cut chicken. Look for the good buys.
-you can get beef cheap when it is on special or look for packs of it that are about to expire. If you can’t cook that day, you can always freeze it.
-you can sometimes find whole cuts on sale as well. Earlier this week I bought a 10lbs pork shoulder for $9. Made pulled pork BBQ with it. Find the deals, and you can eat really well on a budget. Read the coupon stuff in the newspaper or junk mail or go on the websites of the grocery stores in your area.

If you need some simple hearty recipes or if your mom isn’t a good cook, let me know. If you’re trying to lose body fat, stay away from the pastas and breads. Otherwise, I would say eat all of the other stuff on the list, just make sure your training and being as active as possible on a daily basis.


@Evolv my mum is a horrible cook i usually cook myself so any recipe /cheap meal plan ideas? My goal is really to sum it up is just to be comfortable with my body right now it is a little toned but not noticeable and i want to be ripped so good muscle definition and abbs. I understand it is hard to have abbs and decent muscles but yeah that is my goal


Here are a couple super basic recipes for chicken. There is another thread floating around here on food recently, but Google Slow Cooker recipes if you have a crock-pot/slow cooker. Look up stir-frys and casserole (if you like that type of thing). Use Google man, lots of recipes out there. Cooking is easy if you can read and follow directions.

Chicken and Noodles
1 Whole Chicken (2-3lbs)
1 Bag of egg noodles
Salt and Pepper
Chicken stock/broth (32 ounces)

1-Get a large pot that you can boil your chicken in, and pour in the chicken stock/broth and fill the rest of the pot up with water so that the chicken is covered. Salt and pepper that water, probably about 2 teaspoons of each. You can always add more later if it isn’t enough, remember you can take it out once it is in there.
2- Boil your chicken for 1 hour. Start the timer when it starts boiling.
3- Take your chicken out of the broth, and DO NOT pour out the broth, keep it in the pot. Put your chicken in a large baking sheet or something that you can pull the chicken off the bone. It should literally fall off the bone. Use your hands or a fork and throw away the bones. Once you have got it all off, take all of that meat and put it back into the broth.
4- Put your pot back on the burner and bring your broth back to a boil.
5- Add in your egg noodles and cook them till their done. Probably about 10-15 minutes.
6- Eat.

Baked Chicken
-Pre heat oven to 400°F.
-Chop up a whole chicken into it’s parts: leg, wing, thigh, breasts, etcetera.
-In a large baking pan, cover the bottom with olive oil.
-Place your chicken into the pan on top of the oil.

  • Brush the chicken with olive oil and/or butter, doesn’t matter.
    -Salt and pepper your chicken to your liking. You can add other seasonings that you like. If you have fresh garlic and herbs throw them in there. Experiment. Squeeze some lemon on there. Google some recipes.

  • COVER your chicken with aluminum foil very tightly around the edges. This helps keep your chicken from getting dried out.

  • Put in the oven and bake for 1 hour.

  • Cook some rice with it or potatoes.


Loads of good tips already.

Also focus on sleep -free and super powerful at your age, turn off the tv/ youtube or whatever and get to sleep super early. There’s definitly something in the yarn “an hour before midnight is worth two therafter” Get 8 hours every single day and one+ day on say weekend get 10


Get a job. That’s pretty obvious, right? That’ll pay for whatever extra food you need.


@MarkKO i am working on getting a job.
Thanks for the advice people much appreciated


So my mum has ordered 9 kilos of protein powder. + creatine
I now have to do lots of exta chores to work this off lol!
5kilos whey orotein concentrate
4kilos casein.
1kilo creatine.

Now i need to get diet in check.
my mum has thought about buying some chickens so i can get eggs feom them.
Theres this place that sells chickens for ten dollars and they are purebred.

I was considering getting tins of tuna as is a cheap high protein source but apparently they have high levels of mercury is this true?

Also really needing a training program.
I live in a small town and the gym is stupid only has a smith machine,lat pulldown,low row,dumbelle,two benches but no decline only go on different incline levels. Leg oress machine, leg curl,leg extension,chest press machine,shouldet press machine.
I cant do deadlifts or bench press or barbell row etc or squats because i hate the smith machine as it is a fixed range of motion and you dont use stabilisers also i cant deadlift on it.

However i do do dumbell squats etc but cant use a high weight compared to the smith machine.
But the smith machine stuffs my back because of the fixed range of motion and cant position my feet like a normal squat.

So i need a program that can utilise what i have acces to but not the smith machine. I will attemptto use it if i have to.

Help with program please my goal is to build muscle and just be ripped!as in defined muscle/big .nice abbs And gain strength.
I have been working out for a few months and I do have decent amount of strentgh and little bit of muscle .
Acces to gym five days a week​:+1::+1:
Also want to be explosive (fast in things like running, good vertical and distance jump. Good balance.
So in leg day i want to include exercises to help with that as well as building muscle and strength.
So i just want a well balanceÄŹ ripped muscly physique and morestrength.
As the gym sucks i needa program to get around it.
Thanks in advance.


There are plenty of options in regards to training. In terms of legs try this…

4 sets of 10-12 leg extension
4 sets of 10-12 leg curl
Smith lunges 4 sets of 10-12 per leg
Goblet squats 4 sets (rep range will depend on the weight of the dumbells you have)
Smith standing calve raise 5 sets of 5-8 super slow with stretch and squeeze
Seated Smith raise 4 sets of 20.

and then there are exercises like Romanian deadlifts, leg press, weighted jumps. Plenty you can do to build a routine so don’t make your gym an excuse.

I’m not actually advocating a body part split just showing you what you can do with what you have. A push pull or upper lower would work well also, you need to experiment to see with which you respond best.

short on time but can add more later for other parts if your interested, no reason you can’t build an effective program with the tools you have.


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Well, I’m glad you disregarded the advice - you sought - from people who are more experienced, and spent considerable money on the least important aspect of accomplishing your goal.

Below is a link to a John Meadows’ program, using the smith machine. A great physique can be made with minimal equipment. @Gorillakiv83 has built a great physique using less equipment than you have access to, in his apartment.

EDIT: You’ve already gotten good diet advice read that.


[quote]dchris wrote:
Well, I’m glad you disregarded the advice - you sought - from people who are more experienced, and spent considerable money on the least important aspect of accomplishing your goal.

I have a feeling it doesn’t matter, but I suggest you do this training plan. It’s not what you want, but it’s what you need.


I live in a small town and the gym is stupid only has a smith machine,lat pulldown,low row,dumbelle,two benches but no decline only go on different incline levels. Leg oress machine, leg curl,leg extension,chest press machine,shouldet press machine.

thats a lot of equipment man.


I think if all new members only had access to this article and couldn’t read or participate in the forums for a year then there would be alot less ridiculous threads and much better physiques!

first time I’ve read that and it’s spot on.


Scrap that shit. All you need is pasta.


1st of all so pasta will assist in putting on slabs of muscle.
Isnt that amount of pasta unhealthy?
And it is easier for me to get all these protein shakes etc because i cant afford heaps of food…