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Duke Nukem Finally


So Duke Nukem Forever has a release date (not April 1st) it's May 3rd of this year. Here's the trailer:

If you don't remember the debacle behind the release of this game, here's a primer:

Looks great and as for his attitude, well, look at the trailer...


Cant see at work, just putting in a post so I can remember to look at it when I get home.


lol - I love the Duke Nukem steroid pills. That was so badass.

I hope they keep that in this version


OH hell yeah.


Nards is gonna love that trailer...

hell yeah, its back!




My reaction to this thread.

Also, YES!



If you have a Steam account, Boarderlands you can get a key that signs you up for the Pre-Beta program...


Can't wait. Too bad we don't have some 2K developers on here. Along with the steroid pill, there could be the less powerful creatine pill. 1 in 100,000 gamers would get the joke.


Must have. Titties and violence, perfect for games.


They should actually call it Duke Nukem Finally


I was wondering what you could've meant...then I saw the gum quote. Neat...but funny how they only say "... and he's really all out of gum"
You'd really have to know your 80s pop culture to get that.


Lol, wow, I had almost forgotten about ol' Duke Nukem. I actually still have a Duke Action Figure a coworker bought for me years ago. That game ate up what little time I had when I wasn't working on my student film in grad school.... ahh, what memories what memories :slight_smile:

I'm not much into many of the new games that come out these days (I get a few though, not that old yet), but I think I'll have to pick this one up.



I've got steam, where do you go to get the key?


Here's the review of this game:




I'm gonna go jump in circles while giggling like a schoolgirl. Been waiting 12 years for this game.


I saw this yesterday, still can't believe they've set a launch date!

"Hail to the King, BABY!"

Hopefully it's really, really good.


Duke FTW!!


I love that it's going to be for PC, PS3, and 360. Smart move.