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Duke Lacrosse

Has anyone on here been talking about this? I don’t know if I have the latest news but as far as I can tell the team’s season is over and the coach has resigned over the alledged rape of a stripper. Here is one of the original stories when it first hit the scene a few weeks ago.


There is a lot of issues here and I’m suprised nobody has brought this up, especially after some recent discoveries on both sides. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or have been following it?

I heard that the prosecutor is going to have a hard time with the case because the woman making the accusations swallowed all of the evidence.

I wonder why they collected DNA from everyone if no one left DNA on the victim. I do not think the prosecutor is being honest.

According to a statement that was released, no DNA evidence was found at all. Even the samples from the stripper’s broken nails contained nothing, which makes any allegation of rape questionable.

The organization has endured slanderous gossip and has been demonized by faculty, including some rather polarizing statements by a black professor.

There is definitely a reasonable doubt here. If no further evidence comes about, how will the situation be amended for the unduly punished? It won’t.


The really sad thing is that with the girls case slipping away because of lack of evidence these boys won’t get to play, the coach has already quit and they were preseason number one if I believe.

This whole situation is fishy.

I have a friend that was falsely accused of rape. The girl finally retracted her story but his reputation was ruined.

Rape’s a fine line.

Until I see more compelling evidence to help me form an imformed opinion I’m going to just sit back and watch the show.

This case is following a similar path to the Kobe Bryant case (except that girl had semen in her, it just happened to be from 3 different guys not name Kobe Bryant). Like Kobe’s case, you have a prosecutor who is up for election and basically pandering to get votes. I mean the guy gave a speech to an all black audience today which was basically campaigning for re-election. And like the Kobe case (where from the getgo the DA knew he had a crazy witness and no evidence), this DA refuses to let it go. Nope, he’s going to ride this thing into the ground to get votes and drag all these guys through the mud doing it.

It is totally, 100% impossible to be gang raped and not have the guys DNA on you. It is impossible for a lab to fuck up that many PCR reactions. They could get a few false negatives, but not the entire team. And the hospital staff even said that the girl didn’t say a word about being gang raped by a bunch of white guys when she came into the hospital. And then the DA comes out and says it doesn’t matter, you can build a case on the word of one girl. Bullshit.

I’m all for prosecuting legit rape cases aggressively. But shit, you need to have the goddamn evidence in hand before you go making accusations. If there was DNA it wouldn’t prove anything in and of itself, but I’d concede its a reasonable place to start. No DNA anywhere on her from any player on the team–where is the case? These guys aren’t aliens. They leave hair, skin and bits of DNA all over the place like the rest of us and any mildly competent lab is going to find it if its there.

I never quite understood why judges and prosecutors are elected positions–you just wind up with this perverted justice because some douche is trying to win back his office.

I don’t believe in hell but I’m sure that women who falsely accuse men of rape go there anyway…

[quote]BH6 wrote:
I heard that the prosecutor is going to have a hard time with the case because the woman making the accusations swallowed all of the evidence. [/quote]

Not sure if you meant this as a joke but I laughed anyway.