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Duke Lacrosse, Barry Bonds and ESPN


I was looking on the ESPN website and saw an article on how Duke University are still selling lacrosse apparel. Who cares. They can sell what they like. Two players supposedly commit a crime so ESPN has to label the whole program as a bunch of criminals?

The same goes with Barry Bonds. Yeah sure it doesn't look good for him at the moment (especially with his recent form) but he has never tested positive but sure enough ESPN keeps at the story day in day out. Blame MLB and Bud Selig for being a pack of softcocks with their drug testing. Of course players will try them if they have no worries about being tested.

If Sportcenter showed highlights instead of the crap that they put in to fill up the 1 hour timeslot then it would be a much better show.


I feel for Bonds. Everyone was doing it but he will get made an example of.


Its a sports news program. It might have been a little different 5 or 10 years ago but anymore its not any different than watching CNN for sports. They are gonna place more emphasis on the stories that bring in the viewers.


Why would anybody want to buy Duke apparel? I don't get it... I mean, if you need a rag, just use an old sock or something.


I am so sick of ESPN.

They have ruined sports for me.


Yeah, Chris Berman is a true sports fanatic. How many more times do you think ESPN can show the Desperate Housewives skank turning NASCAR towards the glamour of WWF? Maybe another month?
The least NASCAR could do is get one of their top "athletes" to date Terri Hatcher and bring her to the track. I might watch a video clip of her a few times. (Especially if she got into a cat fight.)


You shouldn't be all that surprised that the media is made up of sensationalism.

The primary goal is to make money and they will pound a story to death and pump it up again and again if they think it "sells."



I'm running closely along the same lines of thinking.

If the egos of the SportsCenter anchors get any bigger, they might just explode throught the tv set. Specifically, but not at all limited to, Stuart Scott. Congratulations, you can talk in front of a tv camera. His 'catch phrases' suck and are obnoxious, and he's just generally annoying, but somehow he thinks he's God's gift to television?

However, I am more concerned with about 2 months from now, when all SportsCenter has to show is baseball highlights... and more baseball highlights... and oh wait, some more baseball highlights... it's the worst time of the year.


Stuart Scott is the absolute worst of the bunch. I just can't stomache it anymore.


espn sucks. i didn't have tv for a few years and the whole time i was jonesing for sportscenter so i finally broke down and hooked it back up and "surprise surprise " it just totally sucks. i feel like such an ass. anyway at least i get all the sox and bruins games in hd and hazel mae's pretty smoking.