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Duke Girl Publishes Report on Sex?


Sorta...Crazy chick think its a good idea to make a 42 page report on people she sleeps with, and intelligently sends it off to people. Genius....thoughts?



Looks like I rated very high on her chart. I'm pleased with myself.




"The University is pissed. The dudes are pissed. The parents of the athletes are pissed."

LOL, I'm willing to bet the guy she rated 12/10 isn't pissed.


Tucker Max is that you?


any pictures of this pig?


I was going to post this because I was originally under the impression it was her thesis project. When I realised it was something she put together for her close friends and it then got loose on the net, I didn't care anymore.

It wudda been so awesome if she did it as a class project.


I've read the first 2 stories now and all I can say is, the dudes shouldn't be pissed at all.

Like # 2 was a fuckin' G for taking advantage of that dumb slut. Who gives a shit about her ranking?
They tapped that shit and then turned her out like the slut she is...


Reminds me of the chick from Mallrats.


hahaha D.T.F


'Points were deducted for rudeness or being Canadian.' This made me lol


So bored I read the whole thing. All it really does is make her look like a complete whore. I don't think the guys should care (except the ones who were rated "small").




Total sweat pig...and her friend too.


I would definitely give her an Alabama hot pocket. Maybe even an Alabama hot pocket / dirty sanchez combo move if she was lucky.


Amazing story. I'd tap that.


good luck to the guy that marries that. It's one thing to discuss #'s, it's another to know the details are out there for anyone to see


No mention of anal?

This report is deemed useless. She's clearly leaving out facts.

I also vote these guys somehow find out who's who, and collectively write up their own report about her.



And to add to the night of sex, Brett Favre has now been accused of sending cock shot text messages to Jets massage therapists while he was playing there...



Interestingly, I also noticed this fact.

After that many guys, so many of whom were apparently aggressive and experienced in bed, no instances of anal play at all? Highly suspect.