Dude Wipes (Yes, Really)

Dude Wipes

Real talk here: Sometimes dry toilet paper doesn’t do the job. These moistened wipes are paraben and dye-free, flushable (one at a time at least), and made with natural stuff like vitamin E, aloe, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils. Use them after a cheat-day poop, good sex, or just for a quick wipe-down after a workout.

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Use the trashcan, save yourself a potentially large bill.


This man is a true hero…



Good point. I use wipes all the time but always throw away instead of flush. It’s still going to end up in some landfill or the ocean, but at least my plumbing will be fine, haha.

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From the great toilet paper famine of 2020. All that was left on the shelves - Dude Wipes.

There were still a couple of boxes there when the TP came back months later.

Men, huh?

But it is a great idea.


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