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Dude Tries Jumping Over Car... Ouch





I guess Lucian from Underworld is the only guy who can do that.


Talk about embarrasing..


Was waiting for the playback in slow motion. If that was an American show, it would have been up before the panning to the audience shot.
I am disappoint.


What exaclty happened there? Did he just over-rotate and smash his face into the ground, or was his timing off and the car got him?


The dude is in critical condition.. His neck got fucked up..


There is nothing funny about this.

As I heard in the radio this morning, he is in a coma.


He's not going to be trying that again anytime soon.

Whats the reaction in Germany, show getting pulled or slated by the press etc?


Well, I guess he shouldn't have been trying to jump over a car then, should he?


I believe he hit the car with the back of his head which hurt his neck and made him over-rotate and smash face first onto the floor.


Nope, he's in a coma, didn't you hear?


I guess I'm an asshole because I lol'd.

Anyway, you can tell that his injury was bad as the camera never showed the guy after he face planted.




Yeah - that's not funny. I'm sure there was nothing to see after he hit the floor, he was just lying motionless. You can tell it was bad because you can see his head snap back after he hit the floor.

It sucks, his mom was there too watching live. I hope he makes a recovery in which he doesn't become paralyzed.


That sucks, but that dude knew what he was getting himself into just so he could attain some small level of celebrity. Now he has, but it's not what he was looking for.


So was this guy a stunt man and it was just an accident, or was it just some jackass off the street who decided to try this?


I'm going to hell, this exchange made me seriously LOL.


His dad was driving the car. And I do feel bad for him, hope he recovers, but a part of me says, he took the risk he wanted to be on TV and famous, well he's world famous now.
I don't grieve for idiots who endanger their lives for fame.


I heard he died now. didn't make it.

On a side note though, Justin Beiber was to appear on the show after his stunt... he did save them from hearing Beiber sing.


^^ THIS x 100 lol

All i was waiting for was the slow mo smash... but nope.