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Hey guys and gals back again, thought a new log was needed. I post seasonally for those that have never seen me around before. I procrastinated at the end of the landscape season, mostly because of a whole new set of goals. Last couple of years I was focused on powerlifting and had a great time.

This year am going back to combatives. Hence I will need to trim the fat and get down to 220-225lbs. I have not posted for lack of material I have been busy, just unsure of where and how I wanted to progress. Got some solid advise from members over on the combat section. I think I have a solid base to move forward with, but as always your critique is welcome. Will try to post some video for your review.

Current Body weight 240. Currently have only been doing snatches and cleans, I have not done any of the big three since last spring. my current protocol I am doing looks like below

3 day cycle that remains constant at least for the near future. two W/O per day
most days the am is conditioning and each session starts with a 20-25 minute Warmup (HMWU)that I got from Robert who is around here occasionally.
Day 1 HMWU plyometric exercise x4 followed by 2 strength movements
PM Boxing or Judo
Day 2 HMWU Roadwork 1-4 miles (could include running with weighted pack this is for specific conditioning for a up coming event) followed by some prehab movements.
Day 3 HMWU followed by lifting ( this is going to be a constantly changing routine with a crossfit type W/O but with specific goals).

The whole idea is to roll back time a little this season and work getting back lost speed and endurance, with metabolic conditioning.

Yesterday W/O was High Mileage Warm Up 20 minutes I like to exit this WU with HR over 120 and ready to work. Ran 2 mile trail with 50# pack in 22:40. Then ran 2 miles no pack, after which did prehab airsquats, GHR, back extensions, followed by stretching for 10 minutes. total time was 80 minutes.

Just FYI I have been keeping up on a lot your your logs over the summer just no time to post.


Welcome back!


Thanks Snap
AM WO flipping tire flipx3 rest 20sec then repeat x5 for one set then sledge strikes on tire strike 10 times rest 20 sec repeat X5 do all for 3 rounds.

PM Did the high mileage 25 minute warm up exited with HR @ 130
Hit the bag for 20 minutes or so, then sparred six 2 minute rounds @ 60%.
Cooled down and started prehab with foam roller and some stretches.

High Mileage Warm Up= Three portions Regular,Focused,Dynamic
Regular 12 minutes warming up everything + light mobility stuff
Focused 5 minutes of really high rep movements that focus on warming previous injury sites
Dynamic - 8 minutes High mobility dynamic movements bow jumps, broad jumps, heavy bag combinations , push ups, jumping jacks. ETC

Thought I would clarify that from now on I will just post HMWU the idea was Roberts and some from brotard science (credit where it is due) thanks guys. The idea is to enter the work phase of the W/O at a very high level of performance and make the most of it with the least probability of injury.


AM Roadwork Day 4 miles 38:05 followed by 20 minute prehab.
pm will be bag work x 20 minutes


plyo day, tried to make as dynamic as possible.
5 sets of 20# sledge hammer strikes 10 left 10 right and 5 tire (625#) flips 30 sec rest period between
5 sets of 5 broad jumps and 5 clap PU with 20 sec rest period between
Finished with front squats 155 10x2 and push press 195 8x2 knees felt bad (probably the jumps)
26 degrees outside during workout.And sunny. Wind was trying to peal away my outer layer of skin, who needs abrasion therapy.


Welcome back brother


Thanks Matty good to be back.

Baseline lifts today
DL locked out 365
Squat Clean 215
Squats 225 for 10
didn’t bench, but did DB 100#ers for 2 sets of 10 the other day.

Tonight bag and sparring.


Today is roadwork, brief warm up, 3 miles, first was 7:52,9:00,10:00
foam roll later.


looking good - welcome back!

Glad to see you are reaping some benefits


Last week stuck to the program, today did my long run 4.25 miles in 37:55. Which is good times are starting to drop . For me that threshold is at 9-10 mi / wk. Now the weight should start to melt off. Took yesterday off.


On Saturday did HMWU roadwork as above and abds and some dynamic.
On Sunday sparred a total of 10 rounds 1.5 minutes and first five where unbroken just new opponent each round. The new protocol is defiantly working at restoring speed and endurance. Felt like I had another 5 rounds in me.
Today is a is strength day and perhaps a fast mile.


Run Run Run, sticking to mileage and today hitting the weights.


ran 2 mile in 16:20 in Am then in PM HMWU then sparred 6 2min rounds and then 4 1 minute rounds.


Did HMWU then Benched did 225 for 14 then went to 255 and did some 2x5
Squat 135x10,155x10,205 x 10, 255x15, quad locked up, surprised me, it was in the teens during lifting so this may have contributed.
Switched to OHS after stretching it out. Did 95 x10x2.
This was a change from the protocol but wanted to lift.


yesterday- did a complex of pullups,pushups,kroc row (75#DB) and ball slams 20 lb above head all for 10 x4 rounds.

Today Am 4 mile run 42 min.


Injured yesterday while running , I think it is just a strain to the ankle. Likely due to the snow drifts , landed off balance way to many times. Maybe I should start running in boots.


Did some benching, established a 1RM of 305 first time doing a one rep max since stopping power lifting last spring. followed by mili’s up to 135x10 and PU 20x5.


Leg is still got me slowed down. So 300 PU,300 SU, 300GHR and a couple complex’s will have to due as a sub for plyo day.


Still limping a little so just boxing tonight, good rounds though (21 1 minute rounds) did HMWU before said my prayers did some PU and situps 80 each and called it good. Did no prehab today so will see what happens in the AM.


10 days post ankle injury, still think its a bad sprain, went to gym trying to find something to do.
HMWU minus squats or any ROM of left ankle.
did some light benchs not paying attention.
did a complex of RDL,Power snatch,mili,GM, power clean with 80# bar, 8 reps 4 rounds.
did get on the versa climber for 500’ in 6 minutes
did abd/posterior chain W/O