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Dubya for Prez

I am going to vote for Dubya (again). I am not going to rant aganist John Kerry though. I believe he is a good man, and I respect him for his service to this country by means of his military service and also serving in govt (even though I don’t agree with him politically).

My main disagreement with Kerry is his view to fight terrorism as a criminal matter. We tried this way before. The WTC bombing in '93 was treated this way. I personally don’t believe this is the way to do it. We need spies on the ground, we need these spies to talk to the FBI if they find things out, we need a strong military w/strong and many special ops forces to get these guys, we need geeks who can follow the $$$ and shut it down on that end. We need to face this problem in a muli-facet way. DA’s and cops won’t prevent anything.

As far as the Iraq war, Kerry hasn’t said too much on this. If you are personally “for” or “aganist” this war, either guy (Bush, Kerry) is the same. Kerry has not condemned this war at all. He has said we should have gotten the French, Germans & Russians involved (which seams that wouldve never happened considereing this under-reporting of the UN scandal) and we should have gone in with a bigger force, but he never said “Hussain has no terrorist ties whatsoever, poses no threat to the US, has no WMD’s or programs, Bush is a liar about WMD’s and ties w/ terrorist”. Alot of his supporters are making it sound as if Kerry is saying these things, but he isnt. He has never said he will pull out as soo as he gets sworn in. These people will be disappointed with Kerry then, they should vote for a Kusenich (however u spell it) or Nader. They say all that and say they will withdraw.

A guy like Michael Moore is delusional if he thinks Kerry is that much different than Bush is on the Iraq war.

Wait a second…You respect Kerry for his military service?? Let’s see here. Kerry was awarded (I think) three purple hearts during 'Nam. During that time, when someone recieved three of those, that person was given the option to go home. Kery took that opportunity to go home with minimal time in-country. All of his wounds were superficial and were by no means disabling. Not to mention, during his ‘tour’ he recklessly endangered the lives of his men by beaching his gun boat only to retrieve an RPG from a dead VC, all the while drawing a heavy volume of automatic weapon fire to him and his men. The VC with the RPG was hit by multiple .50 cal rounds and believe me, he wasn’t going anywhere and in no way was that dead VC a danger to Kerry’s men. Of course, Kerry was hailed a hero by his superiors (who he had connections with), and he is using his ‘hero’ status in his presidential campaign. All of that hero bullshit you hear about Kerry is completely false. RLTW


I can’t believe people are still bitching about Kerry’s medals. There are other accounts of his military days than the right sponsored one you give.

You forgot to mention his other two medals by the way… why is that?

Hey Ranger, at least there’s a military history for you to spin! We don’t even get that option with Bush!

But hey, he’s tough on terror…why? because he says so.

Wow, Rangertab you have been in a long time! I did not realize you were in the Navy back during Nam. How else could you know exactly what Kerry was doing over there! You probably heard your account from someone who hates Kerry!

And we invaded two terrorists countrys under Bush! I would say that allows him to call himself “tough on terror.”


As a Physician, any wavering on my part is over…

The announcement of a Personal Injury Lawyer as a running mate by Kerry made it clear for me…

Is that “silly” to have such a one-sided view?

One person/One Vote…that’s about all the “protest” I’ve got…