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Dubstep Music


I dont know about the rest of you guys but i love a sick BASSDROP mid workout

So if anyone has any other legit Dubstep songs they like to lift to throw them up on this thread


May have to download in order to play in my car.


I'm going to be honest, that song doesn't put me in the mood to lift anything, it's a solid tune but it's like 100% chillstep, I was really expecting one of the notoriously heavy hitters cause dubstep is fucking filled with all sorts of ridiculous shit.

Should probably just turn this into a dubstep thread and drop in all different sorts.


I love dubstep, but still don't really know who within the genre i like. I'm looking forward to lots of cool new music on this thread!


Idk man i think that is one of the most epic drops in dubstep songs iv heard and i guess i like to lift to some chillstep because i like playing mnt eden in the gym too


Love my dubstep


Me love some dubstep. But I don't usually listen to it when lifting. I prefer Metal or old school Hiphop for workout.

Chase and Status make some good tunes.

Rinanna's MadHouse feat Chase & Status

Original Madhouse by Chase and Status




ID, that's good stuff there. I like the crystal clear sound. Sick :slightly_smiling: Gonna check that artist.


^Big fan of Chase & Status, although not so much their recent stuff.

Flux Pavilion:




^ Cool stuff there


A classic:


Pure shit...

I pride myself on being able to listen to any type of music, be it opera to death metal to hardcore to 70's and 80's hits...

But this dubstep hype? My eardrums refuse to accept this entering my brain. I have to leave parties if this crap is played...


^^ Lol!


It was chill at the beginning but it got pretty intense by the second half, bro.

Good call on Flux Pavillion- I Can't Stop. It was sampled on the new Kanye and Jay-Z record, and I'm glad I looked for the source.


Flux pavillion are definitely doing it:


Also i'm a big rusko fan:


This one gets good a little bit in, about :30 or so -

If you're a nerd like me, you'll fucking love this one:

This one's okay...


I guess the 100% tag was facetious, but I mean when shit like this exists(may not actually sound fantastic because it's youtube which has no equalizer zzz):

I have a hard time calling the above not 'chill.'

Anyhow back to just posting random favorite tracks: