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Dubai to Construct Shape-Shifting Skyscraper



Ambitious plans to build a revolutionary 420-meter shape-shifting skyscraper in Dubai have been unveiled by architects.
Each floor of the tower would rotate independently, architects claim, creating an ever-shifting shape.

Each floor of the tower would rotate independently, architects claim, creating an ever-shifting shape.

The 80-story Dynamic Tower, described as the "world's first building in motion," will also be the first skyscraper constructed from prefabricated units, according to a press statement released by New York-based architect David Fisher's Dynamic Group.

Each floor would be capable of rotating independently, powered by wind turbines fitted between each floor.

"You can adjust the shape the way you like every given moment," Fisher said. "It's not a piece of architecture somebody designed today and that's it. It remains forever. It's designed by life, shaped by time."

Apartments will sell for around $3,000 per square foot, making each unit range in price from about $4 million to $40 million. Work on the tower is due to be completed by 2010, according to Dynamic's Web site.

Fisher said plans to build a second rotating skyscraper in Moscow were at an advanced stage and that the group intended to build a third tower in New York. He said developers and public officials in Canada, Europe and South Korea had also expressed interest in the project.

But some have expressed skepticism. Fisher has never built a skyscraper before. He says he has teamed up with reputed architects and engineers in the United Kingdom and India.

Although he has received a development license for construction in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, he has not disclosed the site of the building. The Moscow mayor's office said it was looking into the project and a decision had not been made.

Fisher has called prefabricated construction techniques the "future of architecture" and says they will radically transform 4,000-year-old "brick-on-brick" building methods.

By using preconstructed parts, Fisher said each story could be built in just seven days, resulting in environmentally cleaner building methods.

He said just 600 people on an assembly site and 80 technicians on the construction site would be needed to build the tower -- compared with around 2,000 workers for a traditional project of a comparable scale.

"It is unbelievable that real estate and construction which is the leading sector of the world economy, is also the most primitive, Fisher is quoted as saying on Dynamic's Web site.

"Most workers throughout the world still regularly use trowels that was first used by the Egyptians and then by the Romans. Buildings should not be different than any other product, and from now on they will be manufactured in a production facility."

Dubai is currently experiencing a construction boom with the Burj tower set to claim the title of the world's tallest building when it is completed in 2009. It is already home to the world's largest mall and -- despite being in the Middle East -- it boasts the largest indoor snow park in the world.
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how exactly would this work....you need elevators and staircases to get from floor to floor...would they randomly dump you out at different points depending on how far into a rotation the floor was??


Sounds like the main villain in the upcoming Transformers sequel.


I'm assuming that while each floor rotates, it rotates on an unmoving center cylinder, otherwise one would have to turn when all the others did, and there would be no room for the wind turbines. I'm assuming the elevators would be in that central shaft, and there would be a door to each side on each floor, so you could easily get to the other side of your desired floor.
sorry, that was badly written, but i hope you understand what i meant? lol.


Ya know...

When you're essentially a huge oil field that someone put a Country on top of...you can just about buy or build anything you want!



Those idiots have more money than sense.


Pretty much.

Seen the skiing slope they built in the desert? I'm serious.

I had pics of the construction (which are incredible) but I cannot find them. It's a gigantic structure.


Go easy on them. They have to find some way to distract themselves, otherwise they would go sick thinking about their Palestinian brothers living in abject poverty at the hands of the Israelis.


If they don't build it, the terrorists will win.


This is pretty damn wasteful though. 4 million for a place to live? Just so it can turn around? I mean, what is the benefit here aside from never waking on the wrong side of the bed again?


My feelings exactly. It seems that every time we turn around this nation has come up with a new and interesting way to squander a huge sum of money that could be put to good use, and folks call America the land of excess. I really don't think we have anything on these guys.


They just don't give a damn. Keep in mind they either finished or are about to finish a set of man-made islands shaped like all the continents of the world, complete with villas for sale on those islands. Nothing they do surprises me after I saw that project.


What if it rotates the wrong way and you wake up on the wrong side of the bed every day?


Then you hop on your private jet and find a new place to live. Since you've already thrown down in excess of $4Million for a place to live, this wouldn't be a big deal.


Why cant they build a jurassic park already, fuck


--Fisher has called prefabricated construction techniques the "future of architecture" and says they will radically transform 4,000-year-old "brick-on-brick" building methods. ---

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was doing this in the 1940's here in the US after leaving Germany. I believe the Bauhaus was using these ideas to change design and production prior to Mies taking the reigns of the scool. Anyways pre-fabbed living has been done before, often with poor results. I remain skeptical, Fisher sounds arrogant and ignorant. Other than that, I say go for it, more power too'em.

I thought the indoor ski slopes were a great idea. Hell, Japan built indoor beaches they're a friggin island. Its not like the Arab nations are going to see snow anytime soon.


40 million dollars for an apartment.lol


mommmmm daaaaaad I wanna live OFF CAMPUS this year in an apartment....


LOL at this.


Yep, that's what I gathered from NPR. Umm, err, not that I listen to NPR... I mean, I heard it from a friend.


Not really, every thing they do is based on the fact that they know AND ACKNOWLEDGE their oil supply will run out soon. Dubai will son become a tourist hotspot (if it isn't already).