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Dubai Battles Illegal Dumping

Dubai battles illegal sewage dumping off beach
07 Oct 2008 13:53:26 GMT
Source: Reuters
DUBAI, Oct 7 (Reuters) - Dubai Municipality said on Tuesday it was taking steps to end illegal sewage dumping off the coast of the Gulf Arab tourism hub that has already forced the closure of a stretch of beach.

Four or five tankers have been illegally dumping sewage every night, polluting seawater and endangering the health of swimmers and beach-goers in a country that attracts millions of sun-seeking tourists a year, it said on its website.

An open beach near the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club has already been closed down as a precaution.

Abdul-Majeed Sifaee, director of Dubai Municipality’s drainage department, said 27 tankers had been caught dumping waste this month alone and been fined at least 50,000 dirhams each and the cost of cleaning up.

Tankers had also been illegally dumping sewage in Dubai’s storm water network, which is designed to carry only rainwater to the sea, he said.

“This has resulted in polluting part of the emirate’s coast line,” he said.

"Our staff are now keeping a close watch on those law-breakers who empty the tankers between midnight and 5 a.m. daily so as to avoid detection. In the wake of the increased activity recently, we have requested the help of Dubai Police

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I like peanut butter.[/quote]

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I see right through you.

Yeah, it’s pretty nasty. There is some real funky stuff floating around on the sea right now.

Looks kinda like peanut butter actually…

Temporary Dubai. Im curios how long it will last. Islands make of nothing but sand houses and buildings built on sand. Hmmm.