Dual 3 Week Cycles Log

So I started my cycle today and at the request of some of the people who were kind enough to help me out, I’m going to keep a log. The game plan is I’m going to run two 3 week cycles with a 3 week break in between. It will consist of anadrol and winstrol and will look like this:

1 - 100mg drol ED 50mg winny ED
2 - 100mg drol ED 50mg winny ED
3 - 100mg drol ED 50mg winny ED
4 - 20mg nolva ED
5 - 10mg nolva ED
6 - OFF
7 - 100mg drol ED 50mg winny ED
8 - 100mg drol ED 50mg winny ED
9 - 100mg drol ED 50mg winny ED
10- 20mg nolva ED
11- 20mg nolva ED

I’m training for college football and my current stats are 5’11 197,300 bench, 405 squat, 500 deadlift, and 240 power clean.

My goal is to end up keeping about 10lbs or so. I’ll be eating a minimum of 4000 calories every day with 400g protein and the rest split evenly between carbs and fats. I’ll be training 6 days a week alternating upper and lower body. I’ve set it up so that I address all my weaknesses and everything is arranged this way for a reason. Here’s the workout plan for the first 3 weeks:

Power Clean 5x3
Low Box Squat 3x3;3x2;3x1
RDL 5x5
Reverse Hyper 4x10
Weighted Plank 3x60sec
Dorsiflexion/Inversion 3x10 each

Bench Press 3x3;3x2;3x1
Cable Rows 8x8
Incline DB Press 4x10
Reverse DB Flys 4x10
Bar Curls 4x8
External Rotation 3x10
Bar Rollouts 3x10


Dynamic Low Box Squats 5x3
DB Swings 5x4
Jump Squats 5x4
Hanging Leg Raises 3x10
Dorsiflexion/Inversion 3x10 each

Incline Bench 6x6
Pullups 6x8
DB Rows 4x8
Reverse DB Flys 4x10
Wall Slides 3x10
Weighted Plank 3x60sec

Snatch Grip Deadlifts 6x4
Split Squat 4x6
One Leg Hypers 4x8
Natural GHR 4x6
Calf Raises 4x10
Bar Rollouts 3x10
Dorsiflexion/Inversion 3x10

Dynamic Bench 8x3
Pullups 4x10
Military Press 6x6
Reverse DB Flys 4x10
Overhead DB Press 4x8
External Rotation 3x10
Hanging Leg Raises 3x10

I haven’t decided yet how I will be training during the 3 weeks between cycles and the second cycle. I’ll decide that later after I see how this first cycle goes. I’ll likely go with a 3 day total body plan during the 3 weeks off and use that time to focus more on speed training.

Thanks for reading all this if you’ve made it this far. I’ll likely update every other day or so with how much weight I’ve gained so far and how I’m feeling, etc. Obviously since this is the first day, I don’t have anything to report yet.

So I’ve got my first question. I got the orals in liquid form. They came in 20ml sachets. What I did was pour one sachet of each into a shot glass and covered the shot glasses with saran wrap. I draw the liquid out with a syringe and just squirt it into my mouth.

I did this this morning and let me just say that they both tasted like shit.

Do you think it would be alright to mix both of them into a protein shake and then drink that? The thing I’m worried about is some of the steroids getting left at the bottom of the shake and not getting consumed.

The winstrol is 50mg/ml, so with the dose split into twice daily, that is only .5ml each dose. Because of this, if even one drop gets left in the bottom of the shaker that will make a big difference.

Do you think that this is something to worry about? I could just man up and drink them straight, but I’m thinking that doing that twice a day will get really old, really quick.

Put both doses in a different shot glass and add in some orange juice. Take the shot and lick the glass clean. That stuff can taste real nasty if taken solo. Make sure you keep that saran wrap tight, perferably you should use an air tight container or new vial.

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So it is the end of day 3 and I don’t have anything major to report yet. In my workout yesterday strength levels seemed to be down. I couldn’t do anywhere near my max on bench when doing my sets of singles.

My strength had been down in general for the last week or so before the cycle, so it doesn’t have anything to do with the steroids. I tested my maxes on squat, bench, and deadlift prior to starting the cycle to measure progress. I struggled to even match old PRs on bench and squat and just felt like crap in general. I did hit a PR of 500 on deadlift (up from 475) despite all of this. It kind of makes me wonder what I would have been able to do had I been feeling stronger.

Hopefully once the hormones really kick in, this won’t be an issue. I’ll be sure to take it easy during my 3 weeks between cycles as to avoid overtraining.

I weighed myself this morning and I was at about 198.8. The last time I weighed myself was 2 days before the cycle and I was at 197.

Should also probably mention that I stopped taking creatine last week. I had been using it for about 6 months straight and figured that this would be a good time to take a break. This may have contributed to the lack of strength I experienced.

As of this morning I was at 200.25. My workout yesterday felt good, but it was all plyometrics and DE leg work so it’s hard to tell where my strength levels are at. I’ll update later today with how my workout went.

202lbs as of this morning :-). After my workout today, I can definitely feel them kicking in. On my snatch grip deadlifts off a platform I was throwing around 365 like it was nothing for 6 sets with short rest intervals. It seriously felt like I was pulling with a regular grip from the floor. The heaviest I had gone previously was 335 for 5x5 with longer rest.

I am starting to bloat pretty badly though. I still have my six pack, but my waist has increased almost 2" and I look like I’m 4 months pregnant. I know some bloat is unavoidable, but what is the solution to this?

I’m thinking of cutting back calories a little and upping the water intake. I’ve put on 5lbs in 5 days so I’m sure I have some calories to spare.

Yea, you won’t see me on the anabolic diet anytime soon. I like my carbs too much. I’ve been getting around 300-350g a day so I definitely have room to cut them back without depriving myself. I’ll try that along with the increased water intake.

I’m not too concerned with the bloat for now. My main goal is to add some muscle and strength so if that means being bloated for a few weeks then so be it. I’ll just try to keep it from getting really out of control.

Bad news. I’ve had to cut the cycle short. It’s a little complicated but I’ll try to explain in as few words as possible.

Basically I’ve had some major muscle imbalances for a while now. They were a result of my natural body structure and ignorant training on my part. They included a nasty APT that was caused by extremely weak hams and glutes as well as an extremely overactive lower back. I’ve strained my lower back several times in the past and it dominates on just about every posterior chain exercise I perform. This has all led to a pretty bad case of quadriceps tendinosis in my right knee. Basically the tendon connecting my rectus femoris to my patella hurts like hell whenever I do any kind of squat.

I also have a weak upper back when compared to chest because of a high school football coach who didn’t believe in performing any kind of rows. It’s gotten bad enough that I basically have non-existent posterior delts and rhomboids.

I spent the last 5 weeks before the cycle on a training regimen designed to address all these issues. I wanted to get my hamstrings strong enough to deal with the amount work they would be doing during my cycle workout plan and not worry about pulling them. I also tried to bring up my upper back as much as possible.

So it all turns out that I didn’t make as much progress in these areas as I’d liked to and I severely overestimated my work capacity while on the cycle.

8 days into it I was so overtrained that it wasn’t even funny and my knee hurt worse than ever. I’ve realized that several things caused this.

I trained hard for 5 weeks straight without any kind of down week before the cycle. This led me right into the workout plan that I listed in the beginning of this thread. If you take the time to look at it you’ll see it’s a very demanding one.

I overestimated how hard I’d be able to train while on cycle. I basically thought I would be superman and not have to worry about recovery. I didn’t take into account that the steroids wouldn’t necessarily prevent my already drained CNS from becoming overtrained. I was doing very CNS intensive training 6 days in a row. Not a good idea.

I didn’t make as much progress in fixing my muscle imbalances as I thought I did. My hamstrings were so beat up after the first week that the thought of doing sprints as scheduled this last wednesday made me shudder. That’s when I knew I needed to stop and re-evaluate things.

I decided to end the cycle because my CNS really needed a break. Even if I cut back the volume and frequency it would still be a struggle. I haven’t trained since Monday 10/8 and I’m not lifting again until this Sunday.

After this week off I’m taking, I’m going to take another four weeks to help fix my imbalances. This time I will be training 4 days a week, cycling the intensity of the workouts so that the CNS really only gets pushed 2 days per week. I will also cut the volume in half during the 4th week to deload before resuming the steroids.

I’ve decided that I will just run them for 3-4 weeks straight. I also realized as I was using the orals that I wouldn’t have enough to run both 3 week cycles. I didn’t take into account that some of the liquid would be left in the sachets and some would be left on the side of the shot glasses I was using to take them.

I’ll just take the doses for as long as they will last me during this next cycle, which will be 3-4 weeks by my guess. Dealing with these liquid orals has been a pain in the ass. I’ll definitely stick with pills next time I decide to use orals.

So to sum up the cycle, it lasted for 8 days. My weight went up from 197 to 204 during that time. I did start to see strength improve after the 3rd or 4th day but it quickly went down hill from there as I wasn’t recovering from my workouts. Most of that weight gained was water, but my muscles were definitely looking alot fuller. I chose not to tell anyone including my girlfriend, but she started noticing that I looked different after only 4 days. She told me I looked “huge”.

Now 4 days after stopping the cycle, I am down to 200. It will be interesting to note if I end up keeping any gains. I took nolva 20mg for two days post cycle just for good measure. It looks like almost all of the water weight has been lost and I’m guessing now that I’ll end up weighing somewhere between 198-199. I guess keeping about 1.5lbs after just an 8 day cycle isn’t too bad.

If ya read any Westside Barbell shit, they take guys and for months all these guys do are glute-ham raises, reverse hypers, and dragging the sled. All posterior chain exercises. Before they begin the REAL program, this is what they “get to do.”

Glad you stopped it, thats just what our football team needs, a kid who has to cheat to make it onto the field. You think Rocky Ross juiced to get that spot? You think K Smith had to juice to take those snaps. You really think O Leary condones roids in our team. Pathetic man, I have no problem with you taking roids for personal reasons, but don’t do it to taint our football program.