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DThorn 5/3/1 Log

Right now on week 3 of my first cycle following the 5/3/1 template. Just to follow up from a previous post in a different section… I maxed benched 360 about 6 weeks ago so I have based my working bench percentages at 325. I have not maxed on dl or squats so for this first cycle I am going off 405 for each. I am completely raw lifter, no gear except for belt and wrist straps. Never taken steroids just your basic preworkout from gnc. My goals would be a 375 bench a 500 deadlift and a 450 squat. Here is my last two workouts last week of just my main lifts no assistance listed

Deadlift 280x3 320x3 365x10

Squats 320x3 365x3 405x3

Here was my workout today:

Bench Press
245x5 275x3 315x3(supposed to have been 310 but just putting 3 plates was easier)
was feeling good after working sets so added a few singles: 335x1 350x1

Assitance work
Weighted Dips +50lbsx 10,10,10,10,10
DB Rows 135x8,8 125x10,8,8

Weighed 220 today at the gym…I typically average around 217.

Deadlifts Wednesday, anxious to see where I am at.

Meeting at work today went extra long so I was crunched for time in the gym before I had to go pick up my little girl. I had planned on maxing out on my deadlift since I have never had a true max on this lift and have been guessing as to which percentages to use. So I decided to go in, max on deads and get out:

225x5, 275x3, 305x1, 365x1, 405x1 455x1 475x1 500x1(PR)

So I got my initial goal of a 500 deadlift max…I have never truely trained for dead lifts besides this past month, so i am pretty pleased to say the least. I am weighing in around 220 right now so I am already thinking about my new goal: 560. Granted I stay the same weight, this would be 2.5% of my BW…Squat max on Friday and next week deload…Let’s go!

WIth basketball season approaching my time in the gym will be extremely limited. I leave the house at 5:20AM, teach until 3:30 and practice until 5…Then it’s pick up my daughter before hour commute home…needless to say I am looking at a 2-day per week workout split, but am very concerned…I have always trained 3-4 days so only 2 weight training days a week worries me. I plan on conditioning with my basketball team, along with some jump rope and PE classes (I am a PE teacher)…

I just want some words of encouragement that 2x a week training does allow progress in strength. Anybody out there training 2x or less a week and still seeing progress??

5/3/1 2 day a week template. Wendler himself has said he’s seen people make better progress on 2 days a week then anything else.

day 1

Deadlift 5/3/1

Press 5/3/1


day 2

Squat 5/3/1

Bench 5/3/1


Piss poor day today at the gym.

Wanted to max out on smith machine military press…worked up to 280x1

Did 7 sets of 10 chin ups in between military and squatting.

Went to max on squat. Did 405, tried 425 but didn’t get good depth.

I should have been able to get 425 but i feel my mind and body wasn’t prepared. Had no lifting partner so I am sure that affected me somewhat with the spot…

Gonna start my new cycle of 5/3/1 with my working max (90% of actual):

Bench Max: 330
Deadlift: 450
Squat: 365

Might try to do the powerlifting option with weeks

3x3 w/ singles
5/3/1 w/ singles

We will see how it goes

Deload this week…yesterday hit the gym did:

Bench 3x5
Lat Pulldown 3x10
Squat 3x5
EZ Bar Curl 3x10

Started second cycle of 531 today. Gonna be hitting it 2x a week in the weightroom and trying to get in 2-3 days of conditioning.

Bench 215x5 250x5 280x7
Squat 245x5 280x5 320x8
DB Bench 80x10 90x10 100x10
Kroc Rows 80x8 90x8 100x15
Squats 185x10, 10, 10
BB Curls 95x10, 10, 10

Today’s workout:

Deadlift 315x3 350x3 405x7 425x1 430x1 455x1
Standing OH Press 135x3 155x3 170x3 185x1 195x1
Weighted Pullups 45x8, 8, 8, 6
Wt. Dips 60x10, 10, 10
DB Curl 45x10 50x10, 10
Leg Curl 115x10, 10

Past couple of workouts:

Oct 8
Bench 245x3 280x3 315x3 330x1 340x1
Squat 295x3 330x3 375x3 395x1 405x1
DB Bench 85x10 90x10 105x10
Kroc Rows 85x8 90x8 100x20
Nautilus Curl Machine 140x10 155x8

Oct 12
Deadlift 405x7 455x3 475x1
Standing OH Press 135x5 150x5 170x5
Lat Pulldown 15x10,17x10,19x10
Rope Tricep Ext 170x10 180x10 190x8
Bb Curl 115x10,10

Probably going to focus on only one main lift per day and rotate through (2x a week frequency). Didn’t feel I had enogh focus going into the second main lift after already expending energy and focuson first. I also need to stick to the program and percentages. I keep jumping up in weights instead of following the set percentages for my 5/3/1 progression. I am not seeing the improvements because I am not staying the same. Weekend off, maybe a day or two of jump rope intervals, back at it Monday.