DSQ98 Metcon for Muscle Log

It ain’t gonna be easy but who likes easy. I’m looking forward to training with a purpose.

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Well… most people love easy! You guys are part of the exception. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions so that I can help you. Tag me so that I’m sure to see your questions.

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Awesome! Thank you!

Is this an error? The description for over head dumbbell carry is the same as the lateral raise. It is listed under exercise descriptions for the 1st workout of the program.

I apologize if this has been addressed. I’m still getting acclimated to the forum layout and how to best navigate about the forum.

Yes it is an error… simply walk with the DBs held in the overhead position

@Christian_Thibaudeau I have a couple of questions for you.

  1. What is the difference between the Above Shoulder 2-DB Walk and Overhead DB Carry exercises in Workout #1?

Above-Shoulder 2-Dumbbell Walk

  • Use one dumbbell in each hand.
  • Hold the dumbbells overhead or on your shoulders (“front rack”). Use the front rack only if you need to recover during the set.
  • Don’t bring the dumbbells lower than your shoulders at any point.
  • Don’t stop walking.

Overhead Dumbbell Carry

  1. I have a couple of bags of Plazma on hand (one half used). Do you recommend incorporating Plazma (at least the opened bag)? Or should I just shelf the Plazma for the duration of this program? Thank you

in the overhead carry you are not allowed to bring the DBs to the shoulder

The load is described as “+25% BW” for the prowler and sled exercises. Does that mean I load 25% of my body weight onto the prowler and sled or do I load (my body weight + 25%) so 125% of my body weight onto the sled?

Thanks I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row before starting the program tomorrow

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25% OF your body weight

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Day 1

Body weight: 175.3lbs
Height: 5’7"

Workout 1
Completed workout 1 in 38 mins. The chest complex followed by the dip holds (i did push-ups holds) & DB chest stretch was tough. I was definitely shaking during the push-up holds and had to break it up into two 1 min sets.

I am starting on the conservative side with the weights I’m using. This last year my training has been hampered by injuries(low back), illness, and just life so hopefully, this program will get me back on track. I plan on making this program a priority and giving 100%.

Current Supplements

  • Indigo, Carbolin-19, & Powerdrive 30 mins before training
  • Surge Workout fuel (1 serving + creatine 20 mins prior/ 1 serving during training/ 1 serv 1 hr before bed)
  • 2-3 servings Metabolic Drive/day
  • Curcumin, Superfood, I-Well, P-Well, Flameout, & Rez-V used daily

I’ll post when I can to document my progress. I have a varied work schedule where I alternate between working days, nights, and weekends. This can make it tough for me to get into a routine but I just have to make due. I’ll post some photos later in the week and see if I can find the old calipers to take some bodyfat measurements.

I don’t plan on getting too crazy with my diet right out of the gate. Going to shoot for 150g of protein and just try to make clean food choices. I’m trying to get my cholesterol down so I’ve been limiting my intake of red meat, whole eggs, and other high-cholesterol foods so my protein intake has been a little lower over the last few months. I’ll find out if I was successful when I go back for blood work late next month. But I’m thinking this program will have a positive effect on my bloodwork.

Ultimate Goal: Increase muscle mass & decrease body fat (hoping I can accomplish both at the same time due to my extended layoff from training) and revive my love for training. In the end, I know the results will be impressive if I just put in the work day after day.


Cardio/conditioning work is the real, most effective way, to lower cholesterol. So this program should be very helpful in this regard. Flameout will also be helpful, especially in increasing HDL cholesterol, which is a good thing.



I saw you commented to another Metcom participant that he could continue to do his morning weighted vest walks while doing this program. I do weighted vest walks on off days but I also was finishing my weight training sessions with 20-30 mins walking on the treadmill with the vest or at a low incline or combining both. Can I continue to do this a the conclusion of your metcon workouts or should I drop it while doing the program?

Yes, that is perfectly fine

Day 3

Workout 2
This one was tough and I’m starting with conservative weights. Workout took 41 mins. Some of that was going back and forth from inside to outside for prowler & sled exercises. Hamstrings were screaming during the kettlebell swings. The goblet squat hold was difficult but I was able to do 1 set for 2 mins. The Bulgarian split squat stretch was another story. Had to break it up into 4 sets to get a full 2mins of work. Finished the session off with 20 mins on the treadmill w/ slight incline. Tomorrow I get some ART from my chiro followed by some acupuncture for my lower back. I’ll also try to get to the before photos before the gains start rolling in lol

Should the knee of the back leg touch the floor in the Bulgarian split squat loaded stretch or should I keep it off the floor? Is the goal to feel the stretch in the hip flexor of the back leg? I was unsure if I was doing the loaded stretch correctly. This one actually feels difficult even with no load.

No the knee should not touch the floor, that would reduce the loading (it needs to be a “loaded” stretch).

I recommend either lengthening your stance, or using a bloc for your front leg.

Furthermore, I recommend actively flexing/tension the hamstring of the front leg and the hip flexor of the back leg… imagine trying to pull yourself down with these muscles. The more you can maintain tension there, the more effective it will be.

Took some before photos yesterday.

First week is in the books. It was challenging but different, which I liked. I tweaked my neck/trap on the pull day so that has been nagging me the last few days. Hopefully it heals quickly and doesn’t cause issues going forward.


@Christian_Thibaudeau - I have a question about the rest intervals.

After completing the 1st set of each circuit (A1, A2, A3) or (B1,B2, B3) do I rest for up to 4 mins or am I supposed to go straight into the 2nd set of the circuit? I’m praying that you say there’s a rest period lol

Is it also up to 4 mins rest between circuit A and B? Thanks.

Rest up to 4 minutes between sets