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its DMSO… try adding a dot com to the name and see what ya get…

DSMO info can be found using a search engine like metacrawler.

It is a transdermal agent derived from wood alcohol (I think) which seemingly has remarkable curing powers. The area applied to must be very clean because any toxins on the skin will also be aborbed into the bloodstream making blood poisoning a real possibility. I’m pretty it is illegal to use on humans but most likely you purchase it from a vet. Apparently it will give you extremely bad breath, siimilar to that of garlic. In fact one of the reasons medical trials are so difficult to run using this product is because it is very easy to know whether you have the placebo or the real thing. On the real thing you start to smell quite offensive.

Cheers, Peter Mavromatis

You can by this at some individually owned health stores. It is sold as a solvent.

You can get DMSO at most health food stores and it’s pretty cheap. It comes in 4 0z jars gels or liquid and even roll-ons. There is one product by Nature’s Gift which is rose scented so you don’t smell like old spinach.

What would you use DSMO for anyway? And what does it stand for?

DMSO stands for Dimethylsulfoxide. It is used as a solvent, and allows everything to be taken in transdermally at a higher rate. So, you do have to make sure you don’t come into contact with anything toxic when you have it on. It was used in litaments years ago. I deal with it everyday at work, and it smells like rotting fish, so you will smell pretty offensive when you use it.

I see now. I guess you could apply DSMO first and then spray on some Androsol (have yet to try that product). This could improve absorption of Androsol. However, do you really need to do that? Maybe Androsol already has DSMO as its ingredient?

How else could you possibly use DSMO?

Roman, no, you don’t need to do that. And Androsol does not use DMSO nor does it need it. Read the “Chemical Solutions” articles at T-mag for more info or just do a search for “Androsol”. And just in case you ask, no, you can’t inject it either (you’ll end up in the hospital.)

Chris, I am not asking about injecting it but it is a good thing you mentioned – someone might have gotten a wrong idea and become a sacrificial lamb on the altar of muscle hypertrophy and strength. I am not nearly that hard-core, though :).

On a weakly related note, would it be possible to use Androsol when you already have prostate problems? I know it is designed to be “safe” in the sense of not causing the prostate to enlarge. However, I do see warnings all over the place that you should not use Androsol if you already have an enlarged prostate (which I do, unfortunately). I mean, even Tribex-500 makes it [the prostate] a little unhappy.

I should probably wait until your anti-aromatization product comes out and use it together with Androsol/Nandrosol but I am not sure it will help – Chrysin does not help me much.

What's your take on this?

I did a search on DMSO on the internet. One site I read mentioned that DMSO tended to depress testosterone production, which, along with the offensive smell, are two reasons why pro athletes stopped using it.