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DSL Speed

I’m moving in the next few days, and was going to get DSL instead of cable for the savings.

Verizon now offers DSL for only $14.99 (and 1st month free) a month with 768k/128k speed. I believe 768 is the upstream speed.

If one wishes 3.0M/768K speed, the price shoots up to 29.95 a month, with months 2 and 3 at 19.95 (and 1st month free).

Total difference over a year is $145

I’ve heard and read that rarely does one’s connection actually reach 1.0M speed, let alone 3.0M. If so, it seems like the cheaper plan makes more $ense.

Opinions? WW you do?

I would ask how many people have actually opted for the faster speed program, then you could get an idea of where that speed is going and if you’re going to get a good piece of it, otherwise unless you need that kind of speed I’d just go for the basic plan. Plus it’s pretty cheap, dsl around here starts at 30 bucks a month and goes up from there, and thats for basic, half the time I’m running at dial up speed.

I have cable, on the 6000/768 plan.
I actually get 6800/860. The speed is pretty consistant for me.

For cable, speed depends on how many people are on your node. And how many people are surfing.

For DSL, speed depends on your wiring, distance & traffic.

First, I’m pretty sure 128k is your upstream speed (it’s almost always the lower number). Second, go for the cheaper one…worst case scenario you think it’s too slow and you call up Verizon to upgrade your service.

Not a bad idea hatebreeder, I actually thought of that after I posted.

Anyway, I will have a roommate, so it won’t matter much $$$ wise whether its 15 or 30 a month.

Thanks guys