D's Less Fat and More Ass Kicking Log

I decided to start a training log to help keep me on track. It will be a combination log detailing my journey to leanness and my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. I would love to get advice / comments from other combat athletes along the way.

First a little about me: I’m a 38 year old in the throws of a serious midlife crisis. I started weight training (consistently) and fat cutting a little over a year ago. The day I started, February 1st 2007, I weighed 275#'s. I was down to 240 when I started training BJJ in November. I’d gotten down to 207 last March, where I competed in a grappling tournament at 199 (after cutting weight). Since then I’ve been on a major binge and as of this morning I weighed 224. I tend to carry a lot of bloat, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be under 220 in a couple days.

In the past year the one thing I’ve learned is that I need to have something to work towards or I’ll lose focus and fall off the wagon. So I need to constantly have concrete goals to be successful.

Goals �?? I want to compete at the September NAGA grappling tournament in the 180-189.9 division. I’d like to be walking around at 195 the week before and then cut the rest. To accomplish that I’ll need to lose a little over 2 pounds each week, which should be very doable. The trick here is that I need to make sure I don’t lose any strength, so I’ll have to be smart about it.

Also, this will be the last tournament where I’ll qualify for the beginner level, so I have a secondary goal of winning my division. I’ve competed twice so far. The first tournament was at super heavyweight, where I was the smallest of the fat guys and lost all 3 of my fights and the second at 199, where I came in third, winning two of three matches.

That’s a good start for now. I plan on posting pictures and official starting stats tomorrow. I’ll detail my diet and training as I go along.

Ok, here are my starting stats.

Weight 225
Waist 39.5
Chest 42
Thigh 24
Arm 14.5

I’m pretty depressed about my weight. I can’t believe I put on almost 20 pounds in 2 months, especially since I’ve been training pretty hard. I guess you really can’t out train a poor diet.

The good thing is that I can loose fat almost as fast as I can put it on. I also carry a lot of bloat / water weight, so I expect to have a huge first week, probably in the 4-8 pound range.

As far as the leg and arm measurements, I did them both relaxed. I wasn’t sure if you’re supposed to flex for those measurements.

Here’s what my training schedule / program will look like

Monday BJJ
Tuesday Full Body 8x3
Wednesday BJJ
Thursday Full Body 4x6
Friday Off day, but I�??ll still get some kind of walk or hike in
Saturday BJJ & Conditioning Circuit
Sunday Full Body 4x9

I sometimes train BJJ on Thursday nights instead of Saturday. On those days I’ll just do the conditioning circuit on Saturday.

As for the diet, I plan on keeping it simple, low carb and clean eating. I’ll only have non-vegetable carbs after training in the form of a post workout shake after weight training and some fruit after BJJ.

Other than that its meat, veggies and protein shakes. I also plan on keeping my calories between 2000 and 2400. Some may think this is too low, but over the past year I’ve found it to be my sweet spot. If I stay in that range I can maintain or increase strength while losing quite a bit of fat. I’ll definitely adjust along the way if necessary.

Yesterday’s BJJ training:

Yesterday was a good day at class. I rolled will 3 blue belts and did pretty well. I’m still getting tapped fairly regularly by the more advanced guys, but they definitely have to work harder. We worked escapes / transitions when your opponent has you in side mount. I also got my fourth stripe at the end of class, so I was pretty pumped about that. Next stop, blue belt.

This morning’s training:

All 8x3 with 90 second rest

A. Deadlift

B1 Bench Press
B2 Bent over row

C1 Military Press
C2 Pull-up

I also worked in some rotator movements at the end.

I took pictures this morning and they are horrific! I’ll see if I can get the nerve to actually post them here.


Fat Side!

Fat Back!

Today was BJJ gi class and it was HOT. It’s 95 degrees here and our gym is in a store front type place with a glass front. Add in a bunch of sweaty gi wearing grapplers and it makes for a tough hour.

We went over a few different ways to pass butterfly guard. Good basic stuff, but nothing worth detailing here.

Speaking of that, I think I might use this area to describe some techniques that I learn along the way. I thought that would help me to remember them, as I have retention issues, and also open up some technique discussion to any other grapplers who stumble across this log.

After drilling the passes I had 3 rolls, two 5 minute rolls and one 10 minute roll. I rolled against one low level blue belt, a higher level blue belt and a purple belt. Both of the rolls with the blue belts were pretty technical and competitive. The first tapped me with an arm lock, but other than that I held my own. The second almost had me in an arm bar, but I was able to roll out of it because he made the mistake of grabbing my wrist instead of controlling my hand. Other than that it was mostly a technical battle of positions and a very enjoyable roll. The purple belt roll was humbling and educational. It’s amazing how light those guys make you feel when they’re throwing you around. I hope I reach that level someday.

Diet was right on yesterday and so far today. I’m feeling pretty “in the zone” right now, so I don’t anticipate any time off the wagon.

This morning’s training:

All 4x6 with a 60 sec rest

A1. Sumo Deadlift
A2. Front Squat

B1. Chin-up
B2. Dip

C1. T-Bar Row
C2. DB Press

This was my first time ever doing the Sumo Deadlift. Ouch! Usually when I do a standard deadlift I don’t really feel it much in my legs, but the sumo was hitting my legs hard and alternating with front squats was pretty hardcore. My legs are fried right now.

I actually hit 6 reps of chins on my first set. This is the most I’ve ever done unassisted, so I’m pretty excited about that. When I started this process I couldn’t do even one unassisted chin or pull up.

For a little detail on my diet, I’ve been tied up in meetings all week at work, so my diet has consisted of eggs and broccoli for breakfast, 3 shakes (low carb whey and casein mix), grilled chicken salad for dinner and another shake before bed. I’ve been eating like this, with 4 liquid meals, because of my schedule but I like it so much I might keep it going.

I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’m feeling a bit run down, but I think that will pass soon. Whenever I quit the binge eating and switch to clean eating, I go through a period of “unrest”.

Catch up time. I’ve been too busy to post for a few days, so here’s a summary of my training since late last week.

Friday: This is my one off day, but I did a 3 mile walk with the wife.

Saturday: Well, I was supposed to train BJJ and do a conditioning workout, but I tied one on with the boys on Friday night and didn’t recover in time. I think I’ll need to cut that out for a while if I’m going to reach my goals. Alcohol is definitely a gateway drug for me. It’s mostly a gateway to Taco Bell. So I’ve decided, no more drinking until after I’m done with this.

Sunday: Gym day all sets 4x9 with a 60 sec rest

A1. DB Incline press
A2. DB Row

B1. Back Squat
B2. SL Deadlift

C1. Power Clean
C2. Nose Pull

Great workout here. That Squat and Deadlift combo is a killer with only 60 seconds of rest.

Monday: BJJ No-Gi class. Great class today. We worked on a series of chokes from side mount, then finished the class with 4 5 minute rolls. I had a very good day, holding my own against some much more experienced grapplers.

Tuesday: Unscheduled day off due to work stuff. I’m an accountant, so the 1st is a busy day for me.


A1. Deadlift
A2. Bench Press

B1. Bent over row
B2. Incline Bench Press

C1. Military Press
C2. Pull up

The A and B series were both 4 sets of 3. The C series was 8 sets of 3.

As for the diet, I was perfect until a disastrous Friday night. No more of those! I can’t be trusted with a meal off, so no cheating from here on out.

I plan on officially weighing and measuring every two weeks, so next Monday will be my first official comparison.