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Drying Stuff

OK so I got this food dehydrator on a garage sale a long time ago, moving some stuff around in storage I found it again, a buddy of mine is going to give me a bunch of Deer and Antelope meat to make jerky with, I was wondering if anybody else dried stuff and what you used it for.

Make sure that you always use the full amount of trays it comes with, every time. I ruined my dehydrator by only using 2 of the 5 trays because I only had 2 trays worth of stuff to dry… but it overheated and the trays warped so that they didn’t stack with an air seal anymore. The instructions for those things always say to use ALL the trays. Whoops!

When I did have it I used it to dry stuff for backpacking.

I have a huge affinity for dried strawberry slices and also oddly enough dried tomato slices, plain.

I never did get around to trying to make jerky. I sure do love deer jerky though. Good luck trying it out!

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