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Drying Out & Dropping Water


I am finishing a cut next week and I'd like to dry out for my "after" pics to make everything stand out. I took a look at the Shredded in 6 Days article and that has some good tips, but I was wondering if anyone had done this before? Also, I am traveling on Saturday and want to peak on Thursday.

To avoid constantly peeing while traveling I'd like to start the drying out process on Sunday possible which only leaves 5 days. Has anyone had success drying out? What sort of pointers do you have?

Thanks in advance.



I tried this protocol. I tried it to see how I would react. Also, the federation I was attempting my contest with, does not allow diuretics, so I didn't use one.

I've never peed so much in my life. I was thinking of going to the hospital and have a bag attached..... I have three nalgene bottles that I filled up.

What I learned.: No adverse affects on my body, was actually pretty simple to follow.
Loved the Epsom salt bath.
Next time, I will purchase Fini bars for the carb up.

I have no idea on how much I lost. How I looked what secondary for me, as I only wanted to make sure I didn't die from doing this.

But, did I mentioned the peeing part? If you are travelling by car, bring a cup. :slight_smile:


^^ did 6 days to get shredded, was interesting going to bed sweating and thirsty. looked good, i took photos unfortunately while I was still flat then life happened and couldn't take photos after having some fruit.