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Dry Skin

Winters just around the corner and my skin is already starting to dry out. Is there anything I can take to help with this? I mean besides gallons of lotion.

Use a lotion with Vitamins A and E, I believe. I get this every winter, but not really really dry skin. It just itches a lot for no damn reason.

Increasing water intake to a gallon a day is a good idea. People can get dehydrated in the winter too.

Increase your level of essential fatty acids to a minimum of 1T per 50 pounds of BW; usually higher in the winter for the reasons you mentioned. Alternate between bottles of Udo’s Choice and flaxseed oil.

That ought to fix you right up. You’ll have skin like a baby’s bottom. (grin)

Eat more fat.

Another good thing about drinking a gallon of water a day. You will not be effected by the dry air outdoors as you will never get to far from the bathroom!

In all seriousness, coconut oil on the skin works great. I mean, your body makes oil to keep the skin smooth, so it makes sense to use an oil to keep the skin smooth. I bought the coconut oil as a supplement, but it sure works great for dry skin! And it smells good, too.

ZEB, haha good point. I second the increased water intake and EFA’s.

I’d say exfoliate. Dead skin cells will make your skin feel rough and scaly, which some people mistake for being too dry. You don’t have to exfoliate every day. Just weekly sessions would do.

Vitamins A,D,E, and K can sit around in your system for some time. I think A can grow to be toxic if taken to often over the course of your life.

As for dryness, typically is doesn’t come from within so I don’t know if water would help. In cold weather the water condenses out of the air leaving it terribly dry. Fats may help keep the oils on your skin and keep you feeling less dry.

im with ZEB, chack your Fat intake and water intake. Then asses fat soluble vitamins then look for a cosmetic relief…

DC: do you have dry skin? Year round?

If so, use my “secret weapon” against dry skin: vaseline. It’s perfect for those of us who have extra sensitive and dry skin. Just a wee dab will do ya. Best time to apply is right after a shower or after you wash your face - that way you “lock in” all that moisture.

What’s helped me is fish oil tabs and to drink lots of water.

I agree with Patricia. I dry out like a piece of jerky in the winter. The best way I’ve found to handle it is to coat myself with baby oil after my shower before I dry off. I can only do this at work because my wife would have a stroke if I made this mess at home.

Hey Guys and Gals,
I appreciate all the info. I’m going to try upping my EFA’s, I already drink at least a gal. of water a day.

Patricia, it’s only bad in the winter, I’ll give the old vaseline a try until the fats kick in. My wife may get worried when she see’s it on the grocery list.LOL
Thanks Guys

I get dry patches on my biceps and shoulders during winter. I’ve always used “Nivea” after a shower on these areas that work well for me.

I have a serious problem in winter with my hands & fingers cracking and bleeding until I found a product called "“O’keeffe’s Working Hands Creme”. Believe me I’ve tried everything under the sun to include vasoline with gloves on during the night. This stuff will heal those cuts within 3 days if appied a couple times per day and it’s not greasy and cost about $10.00. Great Stuff!