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Dry Powder Non-Fat Milk


Ive found a box of power dry nonfat milk and really would like to know if it is related to regular milk such as containing whey and casein proteins i seen that it has same protein caloires ingredients etc etc.. and a lot more vitamins and minerals....does anyone know?


It has way too much sugar unless you use exact proportions. Also regular milk is processed enough on it's own and it's pretty cheap too so why bother?


Powdered milk has too much sugar? It's MILK. If you mix it to double stength, it'll be like drinking 2 glasses of milk, not milk with extra sugar.

Which is why it can be useful when bulking, you can cram a shitload of calories into a glass by fortifying a shake or a glass of milk with some powdered stuff.

Sure it's processed more than regular milk. So what? Any protein powder is more processed than dry milk.


Not Grow!. And I don't think it's the same as drinking two glasses of milk because two glasses would have more liquid, making the sugar absorb slower. Yeah, sure you can bulk with it, but you can bulk with anything! Why not bulk with Twinkies? My point is that when someone thinks of powder milk they must want to consume it in large quantities because otherwise you can just get regular milk. So to that extent I think there's no reason consume large amounts of something that's even less nutritious then milk already is. You're not making big savings and they wouldn't be worth the benefit anyway.

If that's fine with the person then sure - go ahead, it works just like anything else.


If anything, the additional fluid would probably help it be digested more quickly.


Sorry, I meant that it's better to have more liquid to blend it out and not make it as concentrated.


In case anyone cares to know how nonfat dry milk is processed:

Pasteurized skim milk is placed in a vaccuum where about 2/3 of the water is removed. Then, it's sprayed into a chamber of hot air.

Instant nonfat dry milk is made the same way, only it is also steamed to make the particles stick together slightly.