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Dry Joints from Arimidex 0.25mg


Actually, the increased Test may kick your sebaceous glands in overdrive and help with the dry skin. I get bacne too but its not terrible and my wife gets a strange twisted joy from popping the zits on my back!! :joy:


I’m fully aware going for the full dose once a week is more risky due to the blood levels rising too quickly compared to half the dose/twice a week.


Lol, I would be happy if it does.

My back btw looks like a shotgun wound. Full of acne and also small, circular scars from previous ones.


I’ve never aspirated. There was some reference on this forum that aspirating is no longer suggested for IM shots


Gotta ask you why, then?


Saves me alot of risks and trouble injecting.


Did that nipple tenderness start at the mid-cycle or at the start?

Is the risk highest when the Testosterone starts peaking in the body from the external source?


I guess I’m crazy. I look forward to my shots.

Either way. I know guys who only pin once a week. It doesnt seem to have any harmful effects.

Are you getting regular bloodwork? Have you every checked it at the “trough” level? (I.e. right before your next shot)


Getting bloodwork in Sweden with the compound in my system will put me at odds with the authorities, the medical examinators here will most likely share the information especially if they notice fucked up ratios.

Heck, even my dermatologist accused me of being on steroids when he saw my back full of acne, 3 years ago and forced me to take blood test for my Testosterone levels.


Forced you??!!

That’s crazy.


Yeah, otherwise he wouldn’t prescribe me the skin medications I used to take. I’ve literally been natty all my life until this monday.


I’m assuming Sweden has socialized medicine? Any chance of a private clinic. Is your gear legit or UGL?


Legit pharma.

Private clinics would be my best bet.


Just wondering because I ran a low dose of accutane one year when my acne was out of hand. I ended up getting it online.


What about the people who get gyno on low dose of Testosterone? Are they too high bodyfat when they start? Or too sensitive E2 levels/receptors?

I should have posted my starting stats:

12-13% bodyfat more or less
Low blood pressure
Bacne, dry skin across that area as I mentioned previously
Dry, flaky scalp