Dry Joints from Arimidex 0.25mg

Hello guys. This is my first cycle of Test E 500mg/week.

I did my first pin of 250mg Test E monday this week.

I followed it up right away with a 0.25mg dose of Arimidex and that’s all.

The following hours and upto including today, my joints are feeling dry and semi sore.
Does it mean I have low E2 levels and crashed them with the AI?

My next 250mg Test pin is tomorrow(Thursday), should I still keep taking 0.25mg Arimidex along with it?

Bloodwork is near-impossible over here in Sweden so it’s pretty much a trial-and-error situation for me.
Input from experienced AAS users is very much appreciated.

You shouldn’t feel the physiological effects of low E2 that quickly. I’m guessing coincidence. I’m not a fan of AI unless needed but your dose is so low it doesn’t seem inappropriate.


I fully agree with you there. In the best case scenario I wouldn’t use the AI at all.

It’s for convenience to see how my body responds to it along with the compound without falling into risk of potential, irreversible side-effects such as gyno.

I would have agreed with you in the past. But being on TRT, being much more adept with my e2. I can feel my joints start to ache within a few days of doing something that lowers E2. Usually within 2 days.

Can you get nolvadex for use on cycle? Its less harsh than adex.

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I have Nolvadex for PCT, won’t need it on cycle. Might be a chance I won’t need an AI at all.

Get off the AI. On 500 mg a week?! Super unnecessary.

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If I won’t be needing the AI, should I taper it down to avoid rebound?

I got enough of compound to do 600mg/week for 12 weeks, will aim for that if I react well to it… Might aswell use up the 3 vials.

Rebound isn’t real. You’re fine. Just stop taking it.


I hope that is the case man. Doing my second pin tomorrow…

Really, I don’t believe in AI use however I always thought there was something to the rebound theory. The way I saw it was if a non suicidal AI is taken like arimidex, aromatase is reversibly blocked, and the conversion from androgens to estrogens is therefore inhibited significantly. Therefore it makes sense that if one stops using an AI, their estrogen would go back to what it would otherwise be without the AI (once the drug is cleared from the system). Although sides from high E2 are unlikely on 500mg, if one was using… like… 2000mg/wk and they stopped using an AI, levels would shoot back up to what they would’ve been prior to AI use right, with suicidal AI’s it takes time for the body to synthesize more aromatase enzyme therefore E2 doesn’t climb up as fast and will take a while to go back to pre, AI levels.
I’m probably wrong, just curious how it works if the rebound theory for non steroidal/suicidal AI’s is false though. @physioLojik

I say 2000mg, because even though the ratio of testosterone to estrogen would probably be appropriate, surely having estrogen that high is bound to cause issues with water retention, breast tissue etc, and testosterone that high is bound to cause issues with androgenic side effects (hair loss, acne etc. And general other side effects cardiac dysfunction over long periods of time, high RBC/HCT if not donating blood/ getting phlebotomies) right?

Did my second pin an hour ago. No AI whatsoever.

Will see how this works.

I always suffered from dry skin, dandruff and back acne since my puberty and I’m nearly 30 now, still do. Won’t be getting into an aggressive treatment for any of those, as they are a minor problem to me.

Read this brother. I stopped Adex altogether based on @physioLojik’s recommendations. There are a lot of benefits to estrogen for libido, bone density, joints, etc. I’m on Nolva now and doing great.


On 500mg Test right now, feeling good so far, getting a great pump in the gym and lifting heavier than used to. No more noisy & sore joints.

Did that single 0.25mg Arimidex I took this monday fuck up my potential gains or should I be fine as long as I don’t take it? I’m assuming the Arimi did not do a big deal as the Testosterone in my body is still ramping up, feeling slight libido increase.

You’re fine. I’d have Nolva on hand though.

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Got 30 tabs of Nolva 20mg/each.

Should probably order some more…

Feeling no bloat so far, my macros are stable at 40/40/20. Anyway what comes first, bloat or gyno?

Hopefully neither. I was running 250 Test with nothing and had no issues. I started Nolva with my current blast of 750 Test and 300 NPP. For me though, nipple tenderness is the start and only once did I actually get pea sized lumped under my left nipple. That scared me so I jumped on Letrozole and that knocked it out.

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Letrozole sounds like a good idea man, reactive rather than proactive such as Arimidex, which was a stupid guessing game for me.

Next thursday will be my next pin, will go for 1 pin/week 500mg. 12 less chances of fucking up my injections. So far I have done it properly, but man, my hands are shaking before I pin myself.

Everybody does that! You will get better but that nervousness guarantees that you are taking seriously, which IMO is a good thing.

Yeah dripping in sweat haha, feeling calmer when I see no blood from aspirating and then injecting slowly.