Dry Gains Cycle? I Wanna Stay Lean

Hey guys. Been out the game for a minute. So in the past I ran test e at 600 a week with dbol kicker 4 weeks 30 mg. And I got awesome looking. But I got locked up no pct and it all went fast. I was starved as well so I couldn’t hold that weight. I was 175 at 5’5. I made it to 165 natty before all that. Anyways here’s where I’m at. I want that fitness dry lean cut look. I want nice gains but I dont want puffy fatty bloat. I never had abs. I’m on a cutting cycle right now no drugs. I was about 18 to 20 % of. I’m almost done with week 6 and my guess is I’m 12% I’m 148 lbs. And I have a few more weeks to go I want 9 to 10 % then I want to pack on muscle but real muscle and no fat if possible. What would be the cycle that one advanced beginner or baby intermediate guy would love to run. I keep thinking tbol test base eq maybe winstrol at end. Then I think maybe anavar instead of tbol or winstrol. Then I think test dhb and superdrol. Superdrol is definitely on my mind. I dont drink or do drugs so I’m clean and i have a good liver so it can take the orals. I’m trying to order this shit soon. I’ve used deca, test e,proviron,dbol,adex, I KNOW ALOT but I’m not experienced. Help a mf out lol

Well the reality is that the leanness of any gains will be dictated almost 100% on your diet. So what you’re looking for is something that doesn’t hinder that particular look. So that eliminates high test, nandrolone, dbol, etc. Based on what you’re talking about (and assuming the diet stays on track) you’re probably best served with a test/EQ cycle. That seems to be the go-to for the so-called lean bulk. You could also do test/DHB, but that’s a dice roll. If you get DHB that wasn’t brewed by someone with experience you’ll get pip from Hell and hate every minute of your life.

So here’s an initial idea/direction

Week 1-12 300mg test cyp
300mg 1-test cyp

Oral? Superdrol, winstrol, turinabol,anavar

I’m curious about superdrol.

I would pick one or the other of the latter two. These both have good risk/reward ratios vs the former two IMO.

I will probably run 1-test cyp (DHB) my next run. 300 is kinda the bottom range of dosing, but should work. Iron is correct about the PIP from what I have heard from others. Most sources are not dosed high either and still hurt. You might have to inject 3 mL of a painful oil to get in 300 mg/wk.

Next run I’ll probably go 600 test / 400 DHB. I might through in Tbol at the end as I’ll have some of that left over.

Superdrol is just asking for a bad time, man. You feel how toxic it is after a few weeks. Eating is harder which makes bulking impossible. You blow up with this beautiful water-free, glycogen-filled look that’s addictive but it only lasts as long as you take it. There is pretty much no upside to it for your particular situation. It has its uses, but I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for. Plus it’s was last the advanced beginner/baby intermediate range that you were initially asking about.

Iron yuppie your one of the ones I listened to on here when I was running my first cycle. Is now I care still around?

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Alright it has all been said so far but I’ll just say it with different words and maybe shine light on extra bonuses that should help.

Test and EQ, that’s what I would do if I were you and I wanted something beyond just test. The EQ will help you have a good appetite while giving you the extra umph to get in the cardio. With what your current weight and all that looks like a good 14 week test EQ cycle will give you plenty of time to eat right, sleep right and train right. I personally notice these crazy ass dreams on EQ, like I just dream about eating meat. Like killing animals and throwing pieces on a fire then devouring them as the next piece cooks. We all know diet and training dictates what our end results will be so if your story is accurate you know how to eat lean and clean. On the EQ just eat more of that lean and clean. Depending on where exactly you want to sit at, at the end then it might take more than one good whack of a cycle to get there. So don’t go get it in your head you HAVE to be 195lbs at the end of this, don’t get me wrong you can easily do that but chances are it will be sloppy. So get your momentum going (start eating and training for lean mass now) then when your stuff gets here you already have positive movement. Then it is just a matter of using those 14 weeks or so properly. My first test EQ stack and this was my second cycle ever, I made 20 lbs of mass while burning fat. I remember lifting up my arm and seeing the veins in my arm pit area and just being blown away that I had that much development in my upper body/shoulder and that made my skin tight enough to see that vein.

As far as any orals. If and I mean IF you are just set on something then I would save those liver miles for the end of the cycle when you will naturally want to slow down. Using the orals at the beginning of a cycle always seemed like a waist to me, I know once I start a high dose of what ever injectable then I am going to go put in more time with the weights and eat extra right off the bat. So I save the orals for the end to push hard at the end when really you have the best mix of everything to make whatever you gain stick and stay. Extra water weight at the beginning of a cycle is just going to work against you. Not to mention the stress on your liver could slow down your entire cycle. Where as (and even if it is just a placebo effect) at the end of the cycle when you add in an oral then I automatically think “I have these extra mgs of whatever hormone in me so I know I can go an extra set or extra weight or whatever.” Also if the oral does get your liver enough to slow you down, you have already made your gains and the other hormones should keep you from lossing anything as you realize the oral is a bad idea and stop using it.

If you wanted to do the oral at the end I would say turinabol or winny. Really at that point of a EQ run the extra mass you have gained will have already burned extra fat so the winny seems less enticing than getting an extra lbs or two of mass with the turinabol, but that’s me and I always say lean mass should be the goal because it will burn extra fat on its own.
Remember if you have enough lean mass you can naturally burn more calories than you take in even when not on a diet. So if you keep the lean mass engaged you will be doing a sort of slow cut just going through a normal day.

Dhb is great but where you are at, again I say test and EQ. You can use the dhb the next cycle to gain and polish closer to your end goal.

Yeah I agree with all that. I was able to look back on my old posts and I remember being stuck in the eq or dhb mental war. Lol. My source has a cycle put together that saves some money. So I have ordered it. It’s got test cyp, eq, tbol, adex, clomid, nova, and Hcg. At my age I’m gonna stay on trt after but it’s nice to have a pct on deck or in case gyno comes after me.
Also I have decided to throw in ibutamoren and proviron. Idk but maybe the money for ibuprofen and proviron would be better spent on dhb. I can get it now and have it on deck for next cycle. or better spent on something else?

Just an update I got the test eq tbal cycle, and 5 months of Ibutamoren. So thanks for the help.guys. and just the conversation in general I love this shit lol. I switched up my weight training to gain muscle and move the weights up yesterday. I still have 2 weeks 2days left of my cut so I’m gonna finish that. Cardio twice a day morning empty and evening after weight training. Can I do daily morning cardio on this cycle to burn off fat? Do I eat just over maintenance or start off at first still in deficit. Not sure how to play this out.

What’s the dosing plan for the Ibutamoren?

25 mg before bed after slowly increasing the dose from 10mg on day one.

That should be good. Guys start out at the 25mg level day one and get lethargic and bloated then give up after a few weeks. That’s one where all the anecdotes indicate that starting lower and moving up is the only real strategy.