Hey I havent worked out yet but does anyone know what it means if after you workout there is alot of dry blood under the skin… like a bruise but not. I have it on my scpula… its werid and its happen b4. Could it be from a pulled muscle? Or a busted blood vessle? It usually happens after chest days… its the size of 2 of my fist put together!

IF anyone has any input it would be great!

Maybe burst blood vessels, if it’s on your back it may be from a bad bench or something. Is the bench you use very hard?

How have you had chest days if you havent even worked out yet?

Sounds like burst blood vessels, but if it’s that large (2 fists) then you really need to have someone look at that.

I get burst blood vessels all the time on my back on squat days etc, but they’re never as large as you described.

I get those all the time - I have one right now in fact. They usually take about 3 days to clear, and are located over my scapulae and are painless. Mine however are about the size of 1 fist at most.

Anyway, the point I’m making is that I’m not dead yet from them.

Hope this helps

GGGEEEZZZ yall burst blood vessels, I must not be lifting heavy enough or something because I can never recall doing that.