Drunken Statemenet of the Evening

Ok I’m not drunk, because alcohol inhibits your testosterone. I don’t eat bread, drink juice, or any of that because they are empty calories. And you know what sucks even more? That you can’t gain muscle without putting on some fat. Sometimes I wonder… am I too obsessed with my looks and my appearances? Is this is the wrong focus? Other people are sometimes turned off by my always dressing well (and appropriately) and always being extremely fit. It’s an ‘unhealthy obssession.’ I hear it so much that I almost start to agree with it. Then I remember how that cold iron feels when I lift it off the ground and I say… “screw 'em.” Then I point the extremely attractive woman I was seeing, and then they suggest that I am being shallow. Am I shallow or am I deep enough to know that evolution has played a large part in what I desire, and I prefer a good tight rear? Huh!

I really don’t give a fuck what other people think about me, unless they’re involved in my life. If some random observer off the street wants to think I’m an egomaniac or an asshole because I dress well or lift weights, let them.

I probably think they live a pathetic and banal existence. But my opinion to them is no important than theirs to me.

Live your life for you above all others.

if you worship arrogance, becoming a god is easy. Hey if you jack yourself up with so much juice your liver gives out or what not then yes it is an unhealthy obsession (imho). Now if you tear a pec… I think you are borderline. But otherwise… wtf is extremely fit? Before it was either be extremely fit or be dead, now its be whatever you want and be given a welfare check or disability. Hey if we are to accept really fat ugly people why not really athletic people too? I think “they” you are referring to are women, if so they may be jealous of that women and hate themselves for not having that will power of the hottie to get into the gym or even stop stuffing themselves full of donuts… mmm donuts… haven’t eaten those in freakin 3 months, I am starting to like the taste of flax oil PHEAR ME!

you look good, i look good, a lot of us on here look good, fuck everyone else who doesn’t like it. being a fat ass is the only “unhealthy obssesion” i can think of.

Right on, killa. My personal favorite is the “Why can’t you just eat like a normal person?” approach. “Well,” I reply “Because I don’t want to look or feel like one.”

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Hehe, Eric, is your mom giving you a hard time again? I know she’s a pain about that damned over-consumption of water…nyce.

Actually she hasn’t been that bad. I have been drinking more tap water though. I did, however, refuse to eat the Trader Joe salmon burgers when the label decreed their harboring of soy protein. There was a short “discussion” concerning my refussal, which culminated in a steak hitting the Foreman Grill. Two hours later the non-Trader Joe’s steak made a second appearance outside my car door. Rancid steak 1, Monkeyboy 0. And stop looking through old yearbooks for pics of my sister. It’s offputting.

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