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Drunken Fights (Interesting Story)


So I was working tonight at the bar in Clemson. Clemson this time of year is more of a ghost town than the movie I am legend and the only people that really come out are huge drunk asses. So anyway, we close up my bar early and then move to a different bar and stay there until about 2 am. Afterwards we go to my buddy's apartment not too far away. At my buddy's apartment it is me, my buddy who is a bartender at my bar, his gf, his buddy, my roommate, and my other buddy whose apartment it is.

Well my roommate is an extreme jokester with a really dry sense of humor and for about a month he has been fucking around with my buddy who is the bartender making jokes about his gf and hitting on her, etc. Mind you, this is completely a joke, if you knew him, or had a sense of humor you would think it is a joke.

So a month of my roommate making ridiculous comments to my buddy and his gf go by. So tonight we end up at my buddy's apartment, and my buddy's roommate had been going on for a good bit of the night back at my buddy's apartment about my other buddy's gf. Well at the end of the night my buddy goes to the bathroom and my roommate keeps jawing about him and her, completely joking. So I get up to go to the bathroom and my one buddy corners me in the bathroom and starts going off about my roommate. So I tell him to settle down, nothing is happening, he is kidding, etc.

So the end of the night comes, and my bartender buddy's gf is going to drive us home. So I am talking to my buddy, and the next thing I know, his gf is in the driver seat with my roommate in the passenger seat. So we both see this and I am like oh shit, here we go. So my bartender buddy goes marching over to the driver side and drags my roommate out and throws him into the back and my roommate is just laughing, still thinking that they understand that it is a joke, etc. So I am like, alright, cool, just avoided a big bomb.

So we all get in the car, my bartender buddy in the passenger seat and his gf driving while me and my roommate are in the back seat (I am behind his gf, and my roommate is behind the bartender). So the whole way home, it looks like my bartender friend is asleep, and while it looks like he is asleep, my roommate just keeps talking to the gf, dissing the bartender, etc. Now mind you, if you actually knew my roommate, you would completely dismiss it, which is what my bartender friends should have done because he know my roommate by now, he is a complete joker.

So we finally get back to my place, and my roommate gets out of the car and thanks my buddy the bartender's gf for the ride and starts walking towards out door, well my buddy the bartender had been faking being asleep the whole time, so when my roommate gets out of the car and starts walking towards to the door, so does my buddy the bartender and starts chasing him. So my roommate thinks he is joking around and he just starts running in circles because he is fast and elusive. Finally, the gf says, hey, he is not kidding, he is trying to beat his ass. So I am like oh, shit, so I get out of the car and go tackle my bartender friend. I am completely mounted on him, and my roommate finally realizes he is not kidding.

So he starts to apologize and I yell at him to get back inside our place. Meanwhile, my bartender friend is freaking out and getting more pissed I am on top of him, but if I let him go, he will kill my roommate. So he is struggling and holding him down is not stopping his adrenaline, so I have both of my thumbs in his adams apple and I am picking his head up off of the ground and slamming it on the concrete of the parking lot until I finally roll him over and have his arms locked behind him with his hands behind my knees (we are both on our sides on the ground in a parking lot by now).

So after about ten minutes I let him go and I feel bad that I had to do so much physical damage to a friend to stop what would have been an all out brawl. So then he begins to tell me how fucked up it was that my roommate would talk all this shit to her and hit on her, and make him look like shit, etc. for about a month. I told him he was just kidding and if someone told him, he would stop completely, but everyone played it off as them realizing it was a joke, so I view it as being their fault because they did not express their feelings towards the situation to him explicitly.

Now normally I would understand where my bartender friend is coming from, if you have been dating a girl for a while, then that is a sort of bond that should not be fucked with; however, he gets annoyed and fed up with her all the time. He also states that their relationship will not last, etc. So it basically is not that solid. Added to this is the fact that my roommate has a ridiculous sense of humor that consists of making fun of/belittling everyone.

So, aside from the complete hilarity of this situation, who would you side with, what do you think was right? Who do you think was right? Should I have stopped them? Any other input.

Anyway, I thought this was a ridiculous situation and thought you guyes would enjoy it.


I got confused, the word 'buddy' showed up way too often.

Your roommate needs to grow up.


Your roommmate is trying to fuck her.


Your story is not funny and your friend the joker is a dumbass.


There ya go, buddy.


I think I followed that.

  1. Your roommate is a dickhead who flirts with another guy's girlfriend constantly, and continues just because it pisses him off and makes you laugh.

  2. This other guy, who you work with, finally had enough and tried to do something about it.

  3. Instead of letting things sort themselves out, you smashed your co-workers head against the concrete because he got tired of a guy hitting on his girl.

Okay, terrific. Good luck at work tomorrow.

And I agree with Zap. If it's going on for over a month, your roommate most definitely wants to hit that. It's funny, because it's true.


I need naked pics of the GF to make a properly informed decision...


Disrespecting a man in front of his woman is always a bad idea, jokester or not.


That story wasn't interesting as far as drunken fights go. I was expecting gunfire, somebody getting shanked a few times and the cops coming to break it up.

But then again, I hang with a rough crowd.


Where's Balbos?


A month is too long, would be fuckn annoying.


Haha. Your roommate reminds me of a few people I know. I must say, these guys all have a tendency to wake up on Sunday mornings with a bubbled eye socket, and more than a couple times I've been the perpetrator of such black eyes...

Even when fucking around, tempers flare when alcohol is added to the mix, and it seems your roommate doesn't have the god damn common sense to know this. It's not even a matter of this guy "not being able to take a joke." Your roommate is an asshole with an annoying sense of humor. Honestly, your story is typical college and I know where you're coming from. But seriously, that dude has every right to be pissed and I hope he gets his hands on your roommate sometime this week and fucks him up as a matter of principle.


Not hilarious or funny..or even interesting really....Spackler's got it spot on except for one point:

1) You and your roomate are gay.


You need to give people fake names, calling everybody buddy is as annoying as it is confusing. Call one guy John, one guy Homer, one guy Billy Dee.

Your roommate is an asshole. You should have let buddy #3 or #4 or whichever one it was kick his ass. It would do him some good.


Unless your friend has Bill Brasky or Chuck Norris like magical powers he is going to catch a severe beating at some point probably when you aren't there to protect him. Then he will learn how to be respectful to others instead of a disrespectful attention seeking child.



Did you not rip a stop sign out of the ground?


I think his buddy helped him rip it out and then they used it to stop their other buddy from beating up his buddy but nobody was able to get a date so they sat around at their buddy's house playing video games with their buddies and only one girl between them because anybody could have got a date, but somebody had caught the ghey and gave it to all their other buddies.


I got lost in this whole thing, but was slamming his head on the concrete 100% needed?

I mean that deserves a sweet kick in the balls if you ask me.

By the way do you work at 356 or whatever it's called?


Dude me and my buddy's buddy totally died laughing at your post buddy.


My Buddy
My Buddy
Wherever I go, he goes
My Buddy
My Buddy
I'll teach him everything I know
My Buddy
My Buddy
My Buddy and me!

(Please tell me someone else grew up in the 80s and got that?)

Edit: http://youtube.com/watch?v=n98v2uWX4zE Just in case you wanted the jingle stuck in your head all day.


ya, I was trying to explain the situation with without using names because honestly I was too lazy to add names, sorry if it got confusing.

How am I gay for breaking up a fight? I am friends with both of them, why would I want to see my friends beat each other up?

I had to keep slamming his on the concrete because he would not stop moving, so that finally settled him down.

I completely agree that my roommates sense of humor can get out of hand and he needs to get his ass beat so he realizes he isnt funny, but he is graduating and moving out today, so someone else in life will have to teach him this lesson, I just did not want to have to deal with the aftermath of my roommate and another one of my friends fighting.

I honestly feel like if you are that offended by someones joking around at hitting on your girlfriend, then you need to make it clear it is not funny, not pretend to laugh to his face, because then he will just keep it up.

But whatever, sorry I made that first post so long, seemed completely unnecessary.